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New firm managing ex-Johnny's performers named Starto Entertainment


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Starto ? A bit Russian and English too. Neutral. We will see, but Japan have push forward Kitagawa’s vitims, and there wasn’t just Kitagawa. So starto, this is just a beginning for me. We are just uncovering a tiny bit of the scandal. Even if Kitagawa manage to create is only harem field, he needed to survive the first trial and lost independence. All data converge about more coming down. And the sex field in Asia is becoming overly dark again, you won’t have a choice but to clean the firm down to the root. We are talking about the main Tokyo idol firm. There is a giant hidden in shadows. The giant goes legit or the giant must be put down on earth. This is more dangerous than you think. Sex business are in league will all world terrorism today. This is much more deadly than a nuclear attack from North Korea and should be your main priority. Once imbedded in politic, only military can clean the ground.

Normally predators are found around sport, art, school and children. Johnny was is all the main risk field for sex predators but bars. Bad people had to gravitated around him. Silence about rape in a media space is bought with death and mercenaries in France. It is doubtful Japan is less violent on those problems.

Lie detector in Justice is coming for all. USA lied about the bad results risk. The last detector never shown on TV is very efficient and enough to confirm is an agreed testimony to the police is true or false. This is what I advice to france : do the normal police job, and just use the lie detector to see if the declaration is true to have a consolidate hard proof to work on and with. So it will come soon. And since policemen will have to pass the test too, this will change a lot of things.

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Why can't they name themselves "Start Entertainment"? No need for this Nippongrish in this day and age...

The "o" is for paedo.

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So whats wrong with Kitastartup?

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In 2019 when Denki Groove's Pierre Taki was charged with drug possession Denki Groove's music was removed from stores and streaming platforms, he was retroactively removed from games and films he starred, served 18 months in prison and effectively erased from the entertainment industry.

Johnny's meanwhile simply start up a new company.


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Names are cheap,

Starto or Start a new name with the same OLD guards who watched and allowed the abuse to take place and did NOTHING to stop it.

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Basically it's just the same bunch of people trying to do the same mediocre content. Problem is that they no longer have the power like they used to when grandpa was around, when they could suppress artists with actual skill as well as kpop. Now all I hear is kpop in the radio or department stores.

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You can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig.

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derived from "star(s)," referring to current and prospective performers, and "to" in Japanese, which means "with,"

Sounds like the brainchild of a bunch of oyaji. So dull. I cannot believe that 140,000 suggestions produced this. Still, this is the company of Sexy Zone for a bunch of pubescent boys.

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Another dumb name.

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Same scoundrels, unlikely much change in their evil perverse ways and exploitation of young people.

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unveiled its company name Friday as Starto Entertainment Inc, in a bid to start afresh 

Nothing makes a cunning linguist bristle like an uncalled-for katakana rendering.

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Starto is a goodo nameo foro a bado starto.

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Why can't they name themselves "Start Entertainment"? No need for this Nippongrish in this day and age...

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They can call themselves what they want - Smile Up, Starto, whatever.

Still all a bunch of nonces.

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