New Hong Kong law to censor old movies for security breaches


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CCP is sterilizing HK!

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How threatened, they must feel, that their poor / miserable / long-suffering people are exposed to such evil, corrupt, and subversive western influence films like Frankenstein, Alice in Wonderland, Babe: Pig in the City, The Da Vinci Code, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, and Christopher Robin. (Wikipedia).

These days you just cannot have a grim despotic regime without robust censorship, can you?

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Countries need to make a bit more of an effort to help creatives escape from HK.

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Well, they need to pull all the "Batman" films, clearly. Too many things that Beijing is trying to make for military use in all those films.

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Hong Kong is no longer Hong Kong. I hope people get out while they still can.

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It’s the same as book-burning in Nazi times. Throw some more old movies on the bonfire…

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Next the local language programs and radio. And all announcements in harsh mandarin rather than beautiful singsong Fabulous Cantonese. Dingbudong

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At least, Japan seems a little better than HK in that the government does not directly intervene in the contents.

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Altering history.

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More and more the CCP are making the world of ‘1984’ look positively benign!

The CCP grip on power must be really shaky if they have to be so terrified of a few old films. But that’s the case in a dictatorship, the more you repress the peoples freedom the more things you have to prevent them seeing, hearing and experiencing so as to keep them as good little worker drones.

No doubt there is a lab somewhere in China working to produce a means of ‘intellectual castration’ in the name of social stability in the workers paradise!

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Next, CCP will open re-ducation camps in HK for intrlectuals and artsts so that they all think like CCP!

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Where can I get a list of these movies? Gonna start a collection.

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BradleyOct. 28  12:20 pm JST

The commies will probably declare Cantonese a national security threat next.

I remember reading in HS World Studies class that Mao was mandating Mandarin and nothing but for all of China. I guess that rotten puke wasn't entirely successful with that, was he?

ShinkansenCabooseOct. 28  12:24 pm JST

Next the local language programs and radio. And all announcements in harsh mandarin rather than beautiful singsong Fabulous Cantonese. Dingbudong

More like disgusting. And sad. It looks like HK is going going gone, being absorbed. The CCP is doing all this censorship crap because they're scared. Just like the GDR during the Cold War had their Berlin Wall, they were scared. And Trump's recent actions in America happened because he is scared. Evil tyrants, dictators and power junkies do all this oppressive crap because they are bullies, chumps and they are scared.

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