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New Netflix series 'Insatiable' faces fat-shaming, homophobia accusations

By Kyle Grillot

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Oh, terrible!

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More Sjw gabble. Good publicity for the show . Once again by those that take offence easily, your misguided attempts to remedy your hurt feelings backfire.

Watch what you eat, exercise, be healthy. It’s the only way. Those in denial will cry till the crows come home. BUT, No one is happily obese, and the idea that it’s ok is actually the dangerous one. Sorry , but it is.

Spoonful of concrete. The Chopper method.

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Did not see the show but honestly I feel this is a problem across all media these days. Many times I have heard “it gets good around episode 6” or “it really picks up 4 hours into the game”..

ok, sure, but it should really be good out the gate with generally what to expect in tone all laid out in the first hour.

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Lgbt can’t stand the other side having a voice.

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I don't quite understand. If your doctor tells you to lose weight because it is unhealthy, it that "fat shaming"?

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ok, sure, but it should really be good out the gate with generally what to expect in tone all laid out in the first hour.

Why? What’s wrong with building the story first?

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If Monty Python said it, it would all be kosher.

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Is there TVshows for the people majority who have normal sex behaviour ? No disrespect, but, I would like a good normal romance with a best friend that is not gay, or lesbian. I would like women that don't have to be hair headed girl to be sure this is a real woman (nor a macho man to be sure he still is straight).

Well, I want normal Tvshows where you think and talk about gay or lesbian instead of showing them all the time and mocking them. I am fed up of caricature and would like a sense of normal.

My daughter don't even understand anymore, there is a gay problem, or there are real people still killing them and beating them. She thinks it is a fiction or natural to be with the same sex (when it is not, even science say nature pass through having children). Try to explain to her, your country is not USA.... and USA in TVshows is not USA.

Well, it is just a fed up comment.



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I’m ok with a little bit of fat shaming. Skin color, sexual orientation and ethnicity are all things you are born with. They are not a choice, so I never understood how one could hate someone for the way they are born. For most people, though, weight/physique is mostly about personal discipline. Getting proper exercise and monitoring caloric intake are quite simple and those who don’t have amount self-respect to take care of themselves don’t deserve my respect. Obviously, so people have medical issues which prevent them from maintaining a healthy weight and those people have my sympathy. And all the obese children here in the US waddling around behind their morbidly obese parents-the children have my heartfelt sympathy because they are being neglected and forced into a lifetime of unhealthiness. This politically correct idea that if you are fat, then be proud of it is crazy! It’s terrible for you personally and it is a major drain on society for the added cost of healthcare and lost production.

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That was every sitcom in the 90's

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@Strangerland: Nothing per say with building up a story... but whatever this particular story is about, it should be represented in the first episode fairly well. Shows like Stranger Things build up, but it's right there episode one that the show is going to be a little bit scary, a lotta bit nerdy and full of nostalgia.

Other shows like Battlestar Galactica (the "new" one) also develop over seasons with various arcs and mysteries, but right away you know it's a show about survival against an overpowering enemy.

Again, didn't see this particular series so I really can't comment too far, and I certainly don't know what the show is supposed to be about in any kind of detail. Whatever it is though, should have been on display even if only to show where the show plans to go overall.

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Ah, "nothing wrong, per say" I mean.

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If you don't like it, don't watch it!

Never understood the mentality of people who say "I watched 30mins and hated it all" If you don't like it and its not for you, don't stay and watch it all and then complain. With the abundance of other entertainment mediums out there I' m sure you can find something else to watch? Or maybe turn off the TV and go for a walk, read a book or talk to your family and friends!

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The west is getting rather messed up with a lot of things, glad I am NOT a young person growing up back home, lot of things/areas I would really want to opt OUT of.

This is one area Japan beats the west by a HUGE margin!

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Screw all this political correctness crap! Call it like you see it. Life's short. It's even shorter if you pander to butt hurt liberals!

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joyridingonthetitanicToday  08:27 pm JST

If you don't like it, don't watch it!

Never understood the mentality of people who say "I watched 30mins and hated it all"

Honestly, sometimes it takes quite a while, even more than 30 mins, even more than a few episodes, to be able to tell if a TV show is going no where. We're no longer in our grandparents' era of shows you can tune into when you like them and tune out when you don't. Everything is arcs that pay off after long investment.

New TV programs often count on viral word of mouth to get eyeballs. That's fine, so long as the viral attention you're getting is good for your show. Not so much when the viral attention is all negative. As much as the anti-LGBT crowd is cheering for this show, I doubt they'll actually tune in just to spite the people who are critical of it.

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It's even shorter if you pander to butt hurt liberals!

This isn’t an issue of liberals vs conservatives.

People shouldn’t feel proud of being obese, nor should they be bullied for it. From what I see, this show doesn’t “fat shame”. It simply opens up the issue for discussion.

America seems to have a problem of extremes. An epidemic of obesity and at the same time an over obsession with image, diets, and body sculpting.

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Ok, I've seen this show and it's not as bad as the left paints it out to be. Yes, I said "the left" because they are the ones whinging about this show the most. (This is coming from someone who is on the center-left).

This show is about a teen girl being bullied by her sociopathic peers at school. The real message is that she believes that if she lost weight, she thinks that boys will love her and become popular. Even though the boy she liked reciprocated, she still got alot of backlash from other insecure girls and women because of her new body. Yes, she got her revenge, but she did it because, sorry to say, the other side weren't angels and got what they deserved. The media labeling Patty as the "villain" is media bias. I mean, the feminists prefer to side with her creepy stalker than Patty protecting herself from him. There was even parts about Patty's eating disorder and demonstrates why she has it. I thought the fat suit thing was tacky and distasteful, but I thought the show was ok at best, it has its problems, but I've seen far worse. This is coming from a fat person and I agree with Netflix, give the show a watch if you're curious.

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