New Rolling Stones album rekindles Chicago-blues love affair


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the worlds greatest rock n roll band.

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the worlds greatest rock n roll band.

The world's greatest blues band?

The article seems to make a point like this. 4x4-time rock and blues go together pretty well though.

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I'd like to be able to say, "Move over, Rover, and let Jimi take over," but these days there is no Jimi and no one to fill Rover's shoes.

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On Youtube you can see a video of Muddy Waters playing in a Chicago Club. The Stones walk in and join in.

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This will be the first album I have bought in many years and will complement my copy of their greatest album ever, Aftermath.

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Good on the Rolling Stones for lifting blues artists into the spotlight. However, the "world's greatest" hype is kind of silly. Even Keith Richards would say as much.

I know the guys love Chicago Blues, but Jagger has always been too affected to be a real blues singer.

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I'm sure fans would have enjoyed the inclusion of a few new songs......

In the meantime from Blue & Lonesome - Hate To See You Go...


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I saw them in Tokyo last time they toured. They did 20-odd songs, a mixed bag, some of it lacklustre and messy, and some of it absolutely brilliant. They were at their best when Mick Taylor joined them onstage and they played the bluesier stuff (e.g. Midnight Rambler, Silver Train). I for one am very much looking forward to this album

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Apologies, Harry, but Exile On Main Street was the Stones' high water mark...

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I tried to get my wallet out, but I've got Sticky Fingers.

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Yep, one must just get this album... The Stones going back to their origins and rediscovering what made them... Now I'm still waiting for that Unplugged Album...

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commanteer -

Could you throw some light on your comment, "......but Jagger has always been too affected to be a real blues singer."

I'm a bit confused.

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The greatest rock band in the world was Queen.

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The greatest rock band in the world was Queen

No doubt!

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Chris Cornell, is such a vocalist. Such bands can change members around vocal, and never lose a beat.

I was planning on seeing them until I learned John Deacon (bass) wasn't playing either. So half a band, well IMO, less than half. I wish I wouldn't have turned down the chance to see The Game tour. Damn it!

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Bobsap, I'd say ONE of the greatest.

Commanteer, keith would say that out of modesty, but he knows the stones are the greatest but that it might appear arrogant of him to say so.

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