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New 'Star Trek' series to be called 'Discovery'


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The new teaser trailer is out and the CGI is horrible! What a shame. The swtiche over to a CGI Star Trek at the tail end of DS9 and in Voyager and people didn't even realize. In the new remaster of TNG everything is beefed up with CGI if not completly redone with CGI and it looks 100 times better. The Discovery trailer is on par with Babylon 5 CGI.

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STB movie released in other Asian countries last weekend. In Japan: October! oh well...not that the movie series is all that good anyway.

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unlike the previous five “Star Trek” shows, which were mainly made up of self-contained episodes.

I beg to differ. The one with Bacula had plenty of arcs throughout.

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Voyager was essentially balancing the two spectrums of television story telling, considering its entire 7 seasons followed a story where the main characters had one major goal to return back to Earth. At the same time, the show could go 2, 3 or more episodes in a row before you heard any characters bring up progress of their return to Earth, and a lot of episodes could be entirely random. This is what made it a great show, because it was balancing the novel-style approach along with the episodic-style.

I'm not sure how well this new series will sit with me, personally.

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I beg to differ. The one with Bacula had plenty of arcs throughout.

Quite right. And even DS9 and Voyager, while still essentially episodic both had arcs that spanned over multiple episodes or even seasons

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Saucer on a bird of prey. Kinda war-like for a ship named Discovery

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Don't like that ship design at all... Star Trek is known for its strikingly beautiful starship designs... I think that they were asleep when that one popped out.

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DS9 was arc-driven to various extents across the seasons. It's one thing that made it above average among the Treks. The other was allowing more interpersonal conflict, which Roddenberry shied away from.

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Bryan Fuller, a “Star Trek” veteran who started out in the 1990s writing for “Deep Space Nine” and “Voyager,” is to return as co-creator and executive

LOL...what a way to shoot yourselves in the foot before you even start walking. Typical. As with 95% of the TV shows, there's going to lots of blah..blah..blah..useless dialog "hey my daughter is celebrating her bar mitzvah today" WHO CARES!

The original series had very very little of this. I guess that's why it only lasted 3 seasons. But they stuck to their integrity and didn't make a show for the idiot masses. THATS why it has the following it has. I've never heard of any Deep Space Nine conventions.

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Deep Space Nine is most certainly included in Star Trek conventions. You do know the series was called Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, right?

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Of course I do nessie, but it was still just a drama TV show for the masses and had no feeling of the original series. I'm glad you liked the IDAE or a Sci~Fi show, but it has NO connection to the ideals of the original Gene Roddenberry theme. Just too much blah blah blah useless dialog.

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For the most beautiful ship, I nominate Andromeda.

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It's Bryan Fuller, it's most likely going to be good.

Just a shame they went with #STD on twitter....

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I deeply dislike episodic series. Those are made to be shut down every year and worst eventually in the middle of the year if the tvshow don't respetc its' promises.

It is often boring to death because it is an eternal repeat of the same kind of plot.

What i love in star trek in the deepness of its universe and its many arc that were intercollading.

Let's see what it will become !!!!

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"Saucer on a bird of prey. "

Beat me to it!

“A lot of our politicians and our fellow citizens could take a page from ‘Star Trek’ and have a bit more respect for each other and for all of us”

Beat me to that one too!

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