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New 'Star Wars' movies - dream come true, or cosmic yawn?


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It's just business, baby.

Writing a story you KNOW is for a huge audience is going to be kind of bland. Nothing unexpected, formula driven, etc.

Just take a look at the IMDB ratings of the star wars movies, in their order of release, and you'll see where this is headed. I hope I'm wrong, though. I'd love to see shockingly good episodes 7-9.

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It just got sappy and child focused after the first two ("Star Wars" & "The Empire Strikes Back"). The first two although appealed to kids also appealed to adults. I can still watch the first two without cringing.

There was a feeling that people might actually die in the first couple ones. Afterwards, it didn't seem like any real people were in them.

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since lucas isn't writing it, anything disney puts up will be 10 times better. his ideas are fantastic, but his script writing made the prequels barely watchable.

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i think people are over reacting, it can be bad, but not as bad as the phantom menace, now they can get a good writer for the film

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The last 3 were rubbish. And the first 3 don't really stand up to scrutiny all these years later. Nice ideas but execution was not always great.

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If it was any other company rather than Disney, it wouldn't be so bad.

Star Wars has a fetish for cutting off limbs, I don't see the Disnazis liking that.

I'm betting all the Stormtroopers etc will become robots, so no "human" gets killed, and annoying child-fodder like Jay-Jar will increase. I'm also betting the main characters will be Han and Leia's kids or some other irritating children who we wish could watch being strangled to death by some of Darth Vader's "your lack of faith disturbs me" moves.

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I have a lot more confidence in the hands of Disney than George.

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Marvel have done OK under Disney. I didn't hear too many people complaining about the Avengers movie. So I don't see any reason why Lucasfilm can't succeed in a similar way. They've paid a lot of money for this because they know it appeals to a massive existing fan base and I think they will make something aimed at that fan base, which the prequels were not. George Lucas lost sight of what made the original films so appealing, the prequels are an incoherent mix of trade disputes, bad dialogue and things that just plain don't make sense. His messing around with the original films, like having Han stand on Jabba's tail, is just bizarre. Hence it was vital to take control away from Lucas for Star Wars to ever succeed again, and I think it will.

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Yawn. And of course marvel did well under Disney. That doesn't mean tho movies were any good. avengers was cool... I guess. It was eye candy. Bubble gum for the masses. I watched it 3 months ago in IMAX 3d. It was amazing. And I can't remember a single thing from the movie. I also saw Promethius on the same day and can tell you just about every scene from that movie. So what is "good" something that makes tons of money. Well Justin beaver, reality tv, the avengers, and star wars MUST be good.

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I wanna see the assassin bubafett or whatever his name is, he is awesome.

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I watched it 3 months ago in IMAX 3d. It was amazing. And I can't remember a single thing from the movie.

What? Not even Scarlett Johansson's butt in that kinky skin-tight suit?

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As long as George Lucas isn't writing it, I think it could be interesting. Give it to Peter Jackson and see what he could do with it.

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Well, there were originally 9 episodes written back before the first "Episode 4" in 1977, so I guess it's just tying up loose ends......

To be honest, the thing that captivated me about the first 3 movies as a kid were not the stories, nor even the characters, but the alien/monster designs, as well as the robot/droid designs........ both were quite revolutionary for late 70s sci-fi.

The prequels simply demolished the story and what redeeming qualities the alien/robot designs could have had were rendered cartoonish and unreal by the overuse of CGI.

If they can go back to animatronics/puppets/costumes, the way the Thing remake did, I'll be impressed. As an avid fan of horror/sci-fi/fantasy, monster design is always something I take very seriously, and honestly..... working with a life-size model gives the movie a far more "real" feeling than playing with shadows in a green room.

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Though I admit, I still love Han Solo's one-liners.

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The first 3 movies are priceless for a generation and pretty much everybody knows the name/brand Star Wars. I really dont care if they attempt to milk more out of it than they're already getting as folks can choose to acknowledge it or not...but passing it on to a vampiric company like Disney is just ridiculous. George Lucas should be (a little bit more) ashamed of himself.

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I have to agree with Thomas Proskow completely, animatronics are always better. Can you imagine how awesome Grievous might have been if he'd been all real pieces on stage (and given a better end, sheesh)? I think somewhere along the line people got drunk on CGI, whereas really, for a robot there are so many ways you can do it for real and cheaply and still look great. I mean, a close-up of a robot only requires a remote controlled head on a stick and it's fine. Maybe add CGI for lights, force-fields and coloring touch-ups but that's all. And if cutting back on CGI forces you to make fights without fake ninja moves, then even better.

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Sadly American film makers have zero talent for converting good stories into good movies. The Star Wars idea is good, and the general story fine, but the movies are so painfully weak and stupid it is embarassing. Compare them to any decent anime series and it is just sad. Disney is terrible, they have debased so many stories with their very low quality approach, cute and juvenile with no real content or conflict worth mentioning, focusing on Winning and Being Popular in various guises. It is a sad thing to see the Star Wars saga become a Disney dog and pony show.

As for any mention of the terrible things done to other great stories like the butchering of the Lord of the Rings it only makes the future of Star wars even more precarious. Lucas never did know what to do with his own creation, tho Indiana Jones was good...he just never had a clue about good sci fi.

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Sadly American film makers have zero talent for converting good stories into good movies.

I wonder what you consider a "good story" is first, and then what your definition of a "good movie" is next. If you are talking Bollywood, then I just have to laugh.

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My personal experience was that I didn't like Phantom Menace much at all, but Attack of the Clones was passable. Revenge of the Sith actually told a story I could watch and enjoy. I'm not really holding my breath for any sequels though, but we'll see how it pans out. Just needs good writing.

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The problem is that doesn't matter what we say, many maaaaany of us would go to the cinema to see Star Wars 7 because many of us love the prequels, the settings, etc. And this applies to the old and no so old since the series began a long time ago and kids are now familiar with the videogames and tv series. Just check the success of so many Star Wars related products like mini series, merchandising, videogames, etc.

And THEY KNOW. And that is why they will keep milking the Star Wars cow (the same for so many other classic series, videogames, etc) till it is dry, because the brand name is so huge and has such a business potential that it is hard to say "well, maybe it is time to let this story rest in peace".

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If they made movies based on the Old Republic time period it could be interesting.

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Star Wars Episode 7 "Whats up Darth"

Minnie Mouse has been kidnapped by the Evil Empire.Join Lord Mickey Starboat Willie and his sidekick Bugs Bugs Binks as they try to save Minnie before she is lured to the dark side and converted into Minnie Maul !

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Yoda recruits seven dwarfs to form the Mini-Jedi, Chewbacca mistaken for big-bad-wolf and killed by woodsman with light-ax.

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"What? Not even Scarlett Johansson's butt in that kinky skin-tight suit?"

That is ALL hollywood movie magic! I guess you didn't see the google pictures of her posing for her bf. nothing special at all! Pretty girl. But that skin tight suit is just movies magic. Like I said bubble gum for the masses.

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Here is something I haven't heard any one mention. Tokyo Disney, Tokyo sea, introducing the new Tokyo Star wars theme park. Nothing at all but star wars there's attractions and rides.

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Movies aside (we could end up with either Avengers good or John Carter bad) the real question is how Disney will deal with the Fan Films and the Fan Costume Groups like the501st Legion.

Lucas has been very liberal with his copyright, particularly with the Fan Films. However ...

Disney has a reputation to 'vigorously' enforcing their copyright. (Remember the Winnie The Pooh case?) So the question impossible to answer at the moment: Will Disney follow the liberal policies of Lucas, or will the Dark Side emerge as the Disney Empire moves to control their new property?

As Yoda so wisely observed: "Difficult to say, always in motion the Future is."

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I'm curious as to what period the movies will be set in?

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Disney is terrible

Are they? the Disney channel may not be what it once was, but Disney itself is far from terrible, after all they have been entertaining people around the world, of all ages for over 50 years now.

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Given the childishness and stupidity of the vast majority of the human race, its good business, I am sure. It is a product made for the majority and it will be as watching a computer game, worthy of a mass of robot monkeys.....

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Not sure how they expect to revive this franchise when the story is over. Another nemesis and hero?...yawn! A pre-prequel?...bigger yawn Change the time line like they did with Star Trek?...won't work...Disney could make or break this franchise...just hope it doesn't turn into another fiasco like they did with "Terminator"

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Lets not forget Peter Jackson is making 2 movies out of the smallest of Tolkien's books. Where there's cash there's always a way

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Given the childishness and stupidity of the vast majority of the human race,

What cliques do you hang with?

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Hahaha, remember Disney, Star Wars has stuff like Luke having the hots for what turns to be his twin sister! And Han shot first!

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