New Tezuka 'Black Jack' manga episode created using AI unveiled


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I've been slaving over my new original Manga for months. Drawing, Inking writing. So Im not so nuts about this news.

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Fantastic! We can can fire people or lower their salary even further. Way to go! Unless you all go and learn AI now.Garbage in Garbage out!

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Interesting thing to do but if it took the ai 6 months for it to make something the studio deemed acceptable then just do it yourselves. Manga are churned out at a stupidly exploitative pace for little money so I’m wondering if it really balanced out in the end for cost and Human Resources

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Let's wait for five years to see if there will be anything that has been created without the help of AI.

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Ai is the future.

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I'd rather read manga written by a total amateur than AI slop.

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