New York police union calls for boycott of Tarantino films


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Look who won't be marshalling the St Patrick's Day parade.

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For more than a year, high-profile deaths of black men have galvanized nationwide demonstrations by protesters complaining that police unfairly profile black and Latino men.

Racial profiling will continue among law enforcement agencies nationwide. Why? Because- let's face it- Blacks and Latinos are the ones out there committing the majority of crimes. Look @ LA, ChI, NY, Detroit.

When will they and the justice system (which are too lenient, imo) wear the shoe?

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The justice system is also being scrutinized. A case this week saw a prosecutor in Clayton, MO, plead guilty to a felony charge of not reporting what she knew about an assault by police on a handcuffed prisoner. The prosecutor is the daughter in law of former Cardinal ballplayer Todd Worrell.

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 436 were white, 226 black and 143 Latino.

No Asians?

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Cops don't have the upper-hand because the 'law' is on their side... cops have the upper-hand because they have handcuffs. I look at both sides... The more I demonize, the more categorical an individuals response will be. This is a natural law. If you tell someone with understanding that their shoes are ugly... the uglier the next pair will be... Though I desire peace and understanding, I can see, as world community, our need to compartmentalize, and it falls us only further from understanding. Take 'black lives matter' and it's trademark register... daily liberal and conservative media shapers successfully block any forward motion by demonizing it. The news is in the demons. Recent death through lack of respect and negligence, birthed the death of Freddie. Monetary compensation was reportedly settled in the neighborhood of 6 million, U.S., which the State seemed happy to pay. Never did I hear an argument outside of my head, addressing; Where is/was this money in service of and to the community festering these moments of despair? ...schools...programs of rehabilitation or assimilation... safe places to play... safer communities to walk in... communities where a precinct cop could walk a beat and dazzle a kid with fun Baton twirling skills. I never gave thought that konking me in the head was on his mind. Today some organization would find this offensive and spend millions of taxpayer dollars in legislation banning the practice. Celebrity on the other hand wears subject matter like the latest fashion. Tarantino is anything but a dedicated follower of fashion... and that's where understanding style is born.

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Go see a Tarantino movie today. If in New York City have an alibi ready.

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The way 5-0 has been operating with gay abandon,including breaking the leg of a professional sportsman,I don't feel they're in any position to say anything.

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The way 5-0 has been operating with gay abandon,including breaking the leg of a professional sportsman,I don't feel they're in any position to say anything.

I'm as critical of police brutality as anyone, but lets not forget that the overwhelming majority of police are doing it to serve their community, and are good officers and people. It's just the bad ones that we hear about the most.

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