Next Bond film will be called 'SPECTRE'


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If it wasn't for actors like the excellent Roger Moore and Sean Connery nobody would know James Bond today.

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007 in a wooly pully what a spectre-cle...

Bond: I'll pump her for information. M: In that Jumper? You look like Eddie the Eagle....

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The reinvented Bond under Daniel Craig has breathed new life into the series and took it far closer to the original Bond books rather than the slightly silly Bond that started with Moore.

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Lewis Collins was a missed opportunity.

He would have been a superb Bond IMHO

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George Lazenby was the only true 007. Lazenby forever!

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Just watches QoS (my Craig allergy has lessened by now over the years). Well, it's not a Bond movie but a standard action movie. It lacks all the traits that the original Bond was loved for. But it's alright, Construction worker-looking Craig fits into the ultra-violent world full of villains who lack just as much class as he does.

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Time for a new James........ How about Hugh Jackman??

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Teaser is the new marketing wave, but this becomes the ridiculous extreme. Nothing has started, they try to make buzz with every single new casting and so on. I am wondering if they will make so much money with the buzz that they will even not make the movie!

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Daniel Craig is good but unfortunately can't do the playboy part of Bond.

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They aren't even Bond movies anymore since Daniel Craig stepped in to play him.

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They waited so long so that they could get Sam Mendes back, as he did such a good job with Skyfall. - He had prior commitments. Originally, the film was planned to be out THIS Christmas.

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Oh, this is going to be phenomenal. I really can't understand why they waited so long after Skyfall, though. Widely praised as the best Bond film ever, it had everything going for it to galvanise the franchise. Waiting for three years before the next film just wasted all that momentum.

Just three films in, Craig has been Bond for eight years. We'd had Connery and Lazenby after the first eight years, which a lot of Bond fans class as a Golden Age. I wish they'd knocked out one a year with Craig.

I hereby predict SPECTRE will be Craig's last Bond film, leaving us with the ludicrous position of re-establishing a legendary nemesis and then having to get the search going for a new actor - who will have a very good chance of not being as good at it as Craig is. This really is a difficult strategy to understand.

That said, roll on next November! Or probably December by the time it gets released in Japan.

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Bill Gates would red-underline the spelling of spectre, I would think! (Oh, JT too.)

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CANNOT WAIT! Sam Mendes did a fantastic job with Skyfall, and Christoph Waltz will be an awesome baddie!

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No George Lazenby, no 'Real 007'.

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Nice to see Andrew Scott in the cast, he played a great Moriarty in BBC's Sherlock.

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Sounds awesome! Lea Seydoux is a major babe too

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James Bond is back, in a new film with a retro title that evokes the series’ past. The next 007 adventure will be called “SPECTRE,” the dastardly fictional terrorist organization featured in “Dr. No” and other early Bond films.

"dastardly", I like that word. Visions of Agatha Christie novels without the last page. Hopeful to see sharks with laser beams.

Monica Bellucci

Yes, please!

Roger Moore had good lines and played the part well, but Sean Connery and Daniel Craig come across as convincing. I'd share a beer or whisky with all three. (Yes, I know there were others)

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"perhaps the Real 007 (Sean Connery) would be cast as well"

The real 007 was, of course, Roger "His name is Jaws. He kills people" Moore.

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If Prof. Hawking is playing a negative role in in I'll definitely not miss this one...

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Daniel Craig and Christoph Waltz? Sold! Cannot wait for the special announcement today. :)

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A tad childish in 2015, but we're all big kids I guess, when the dum di di dum dum riff begins.

Maybe so, but I hope it does go back to some of the things that were done back in the 60's & 70's. I think we are taking things too serious at times, and I for one am getting tired at being preached to on various social issues when I want to go to a movie and just watch it, and not worry about some PC notion on what is wrong with the world.

I hope this will be as good as the other films. Can't wait for this.

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Waltz was brilliant in Django Unchained.

Special Executive for Counterintelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion

A tad childish in 2015, but we're all big kids I guess, when the dum di di dum dum riff begins.

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Can't hardly wait-perhaps the Real 007 (Sean Connery) would be cast as well

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