NHK to air condolence footage for 'Glee' star Cory Monteith


NHK will begin airing season 3 of the American TV musical series "Glee" at 12:40 a.m. Wednesday. The first episode will be preceded by special condolence footage for actor Cory Monteith, 31, who died of an apparent overdose of heroin and alcohol in Vancouver earlier this month.

In the series, Monteith plays Finn Hudson, a star high school football player who joined a motley crew of students in the glee club.

According to NHK, a ticker will say "We extend our heartfelt condolences at the death of Corey Monteith," while the special footage of Monteith runs in the background.

Season 3 has 22 episodes. It airs on NHK's general channel 1.

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I don't watch TV at all and have never understood people's obsession with celebrities and their lifestyles. Only his family and friends need to mourn his death, no one else really knew him at all, only his character on the TV! If half the people in the world cared as much for their Parents or Children as much as they did for Celeb's, the world would be a much better place.

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@Davinyoko - I have never understood people's obsession with commenting on things they don't care about. If you're not interested in something keep scrolling down. Your "cool factor" of not caring about this stuff drops substantially when you make comments that don't pertain to you. People and especially kids in this case use entertainment and celebrities to escape from the boredom and routine of every day life. RIP Corey Monteith.

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boredom and routine of every day life

So all everyone can do is sit in front of the TV and watch someone else have a life! Go out and make your life interesting! I made a comment about people worshiping celeb's, so I do care about it, just not in the same way as you do!

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This comment has nothing to do with the story. Readers, please stay on topic.

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@Davinyoko - No, I don't care about it. I don't watch the show, but I don't see the need to criticize kids for what they find to be entertaining. Kids are in school for at least seven hours a day and then after sports or other extracurricular activities they should have rules that they not be out "making their lives interesting." They should be home. Most parents are working and get home exhausted from their 10 -12 hour work days not to mention the commute so they can't entertain their kids every night. Better to have an escape like TV than out on the street unsupervised. This story doesn't pertain to you. It's not about what's better for their lives. It's for the people who are interested in the TV show "Glee." Go tell your friends how cool you are that you don't watch it.

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If a Japanese Idol died of cocaine overdose,the J-media will immediately stop talking about him.But for a US-star they go as far as airing condolence messages(Nothing against it,I think he deserves one although he died of COD). There are some things about J-society that we will never understand..

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I never even heard of Glee up until a few months ago. But I don't watch TV anymore, so it's no wonder. Too bad about his death. But looking him up, he was using drugs. So many pointless deaths due to drugs in the entertainment business. I guess the pressure of the trade can get to be too much sometimes. Sometimes I'm glad I'm just average joe.

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Matthew and chronic, could not agree more had the world by the tail and , well you understand what happened he Cked up big time.

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@movieguy. Actually Glee isn't even a kids show, so what relevance does your comment have to celebrity worship @_@

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Is it such a tragedy he died? its not like he's the only young person to have ever OD'd on drugs and died.. but because we live in a celebrity culture he's all of a sudden put on a pedastal and "mourned over this tragic tragic loss." This insults my intelligence, what a bunch of BS

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Readers, please do not post vitriolic remarks on this thread.

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I truly wondered how NHK would handle this very sad situation. I like the idea as the show is very popular and Corey was one of the leading actors in the program. I am glad the program was not dropped due to the situation. RIP Corey ...

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I am a total fan of Glee, so entertaining and the music they choose to sing brings me back to memory lane. Plus seeing young stars doing something frutful out of their lives by singing and dancing. These program is good for all ages and that's why I agreed to this program. But what makes me wonder is exactly what Harshan Sj has commented. In Japan if you are in the entertainment world but gets into some issues like drugs and other forms of crime not favorable, pictures, movies, cm's and even stars and or idols appearing on regular shows suddenly and surprisingly disappear from the entire scene. Why is Glee and to his honor will be put up on air? Found this news and article really questionable and weird again...

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I like Glee because they often re-do great songs that were not particularly well sung or produced the first time. The dialog is reasonably sharp for network TV.

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@jumpultimatestars - This story is about a TV show made for teenagers. Last time I checked teenagers are still considered kids and my comment has no relevance to celebrity worship because this article isn't about celebrity worship. It's a plug for NHK kicking off season 3 of "Glee."

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He had demons long before stardom. He really tried but I guess those demons got the best of him. He was very active in charity work. Teachable moments, people.

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@Movieguy Last time I checked teenagers are all old enough to babysit and don't need your so-called "supervision". parents would never be able to "entertain" a teenager anymore because they're not kids anymore... Teenagers go out/ have fun/ party, do part time jobs/ volunteer, are glued to their own social media, have increasing homework loads, and basically live lives of their own....

Since when was any parent ever considered cool enough to "entertain" a teenager? -.-

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@jumpultimatestars - Which is exactly why Corey Monteith died of a drug overdose at the ripe old age of 31, because he didn't need supervision of his parents and went out and had fun and partied. Oh... and discovered drugs to help him party more and lived his own life. All before he even thought about working in the entertainment industry. The brain doesn't mature until age 25; basic psychology. No... teenagers aren't kids anymore...

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That's a valid point.

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Is this not glorifying the death of an addict. These people needed help in life, effort should be used to help those with addiction and living.

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If a Japanese Idol died of cocaine overdose,the J-media will immediately stop talking about him.But for a US-star they go as far as airing condolence messages

This is the most disturbing part about the whole affair. Yes, RIP to a young star. Everyone has demons, and this was his.

But can you imagine if it was a Japanese actor that died of a cocaine overdose? They'd quickly disappear and never spoken of again.

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Wow, I just read this article and I'm pretty shocked. Though I only saw seasons 1 and half of season 2, I really liked the show. Not so much the drama part but the music is good. I think he was a good young actor (surprised he was already in his 30s...!), so I think the show will miss him.

I agree it is odd for NHK to openly express anything for someone who died of overdose. I don't know. Youth? Learn from his mistakes? (Han-men-kyoushi?)

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RIP Corey! Unfortunately too busy so I missed to see (record) the program.

Some very thoughtful topics arose though and for me there are two things of importance.

First - despite his troubled youth he had big talent and was given chance. So he became a star and could talk freely for his addiction trying to overcome it.

Second - if he was in Japan and agents knew of his addiction he would never see a scene. If he was caught abusing while he was a star - he would become criminal without chance to recover.

I am glad we could see him perform and act - too bad he lost the fight!

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