NHK to launch NHK Net Radio on Sept 1


NHK is to launch a live online streaming service of its domestic radio channels, with the first program going out at 11 a.m. on Sept 1. The new service - “NHK Net Radio” - will also be known as “Radiru Radiru.” Listeners will be able to enjoy NHK’s three radio channels (Radio 1, Radio 2 and FM) by accessing the website http://nhk.jp/netradio/.

From Oct 1, NHK Net Radio will also be available on smartphones. NHK Net Radio will make access to the stations easier for listeners by solving reception problems inside buildings or in regions with wireless interference.

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Radio 1 is a great way of improving one's nihongo listening-comprehension skills, it should be pointed out. This is being called "a service"? Don't most stations around the world stream already, and without calling it "a service"?

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Good news, although this has been done by most stations I know off. Even the bandwidth starved Africa has been doing this for years

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Is this an ongoing NHK program? I will tune in.

A Great activist sometime does not succeed as a great leader. I believe he found a great spot where his heart truly belongs.

Gambare, Kan.

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Hope listeners will not be bothered by NHK TV collection fee.

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great. what did take so long? in the land of top in the IT techology. other countries have already decades online streaming of radio as well tv senders. i am just afraid of the fee. are they on the way to realize the NHK tv streaming too?

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Well, if we have another big ass earthquake, maybe I will be able to at least know what is going on here in Tokyo if I can tune in on this on my IPHONE??

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Then, will the text for the program be free?

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