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NHK to revamp satellite broadcasting next April


NHK will revamp its satellite broadcasting next April, consolidating its current three channels into two, the broadcaster said Thursday.

Currently, NHK has three satellite channels – one HD channel and two SD channels. From April 2011, these will be restructured and consolidated into two HD channels. This will enable NHK to broadcast more programs that make the most of the rich image and high-quality sound of Hi-Vision. The two new satellite channels are named BS1 and BS Premium.

The digital switchover in Japan is scheduled to complete by July 24, 2011. Until then, NHK’s analog TV broadcasting, both terrestrial and satellite, will be a simulcast of the respective digital service.

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As long as they don't expect me to pay for it!

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So, BS2 is going to be gone? If so, that means what for the sports on BS1 and what for the movies on BS2??

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Don't answer the door when they come a knocking.

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don`t they mail everyones bills now?? I heard it was costing more to send those bill collectors around than they were actually taking in. Morons!

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Starting in July 2011 the only way to receive NHK programming will be for the set owner to call a phone number to have the B-CAS card registered. After that you pay electronically somehow. Fail to pay and those channels on your set will lock out. Or at least get that annoying black rectangle box. No more "free" (covert) reception after July 2011.

Since this will all be electronic and controlled at a central point then the door-to-door collectors should just disappear.

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Oh, and anyone who was silly enough to buy that 'Hi-vision' TV years back? Well, you are way out of luck (and money).

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@thetruthhurts: Can you please explain your comment? Both Channels will be in Hi-Vision (as they call it in Japan) from April and as rightly pointed out above, if you actually want to watch NHK (without the box in the corner)from July, when we switch over to all digital you won't have any choice but to pay.

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