NHK wins International Emmy for current affairs


NHK’s documentary "Back from the Brink: Inside the Chilean Mine Disaster" has won this year’s International Emmy Award for current affairs. The announcement was made at the 32nd News and Documentary Emmy Awards Gala in New York on Monday.

The Chilean mine disaster trapped 33 miners 700 meters underground in August 2010. The family of one of the miners asked NHK to send a video camera into the mine, resulting in exclusive footage showing the severity of the ordeal. How did the men survive 70 days underground? How did the effort to rescue them proceed above ground?

Broadcast just 10 days after the miners were rescued, the 49-minute program also uses detailed interviews with the miners and those involved with their rescue to portray the miraculous return from the brink of death.

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Congrats NHK, celebrate and waive subscription fees !

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I like NHK. Especially the kiddie programs. The Zo-san song is my favorite.

I did not know NHK did a miner special. Omedetou

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Hey I remember watching that program, it was great. Kudos to NHK. (For once!)

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I hope NHK can keep the momentum going. They have the ability.

I would love to see them move on to produce a hard hitting, Emmy Award-winning documentary about their home country, something that wakes the people of Japan from their slumber and inspires action.

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Cool - would love to see it actually.

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Hmmm mixed feelings about this... I hate NHK and their "everything is okay, bland colors broadcast"... but winning an award is nice.

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It's about time NHK produced a documentary on Nuclear Power in Japan and the Fukushima Crisis. Study the radiation problems in Fukushima.

Too bad they already used a worthy title-- "Back From the Brink", but their brains can come up with another title. And make sure the programme is aired in prime time not at 11 , 12 or 1 AM. Lets see if they can win an award for that documentary.

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NHK Special - Japan's Nuclear Crisis


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The fees are finally justified, hahaha!

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The Chilean miners' rescue certainlly was miraculous.

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