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NHK wins international Emmy for quake/tsunami coverage


NHK’s Great East Japan Earthquake Emergency News has won this year’s international Emmy Award for news. The announcement was made at the News and Documentary Emmy Awards Gala in New York on Monday.

On March 11, 2011, the largest earthquake in the country’s history struck Japan, generating a devastatingly, destructive tsunami. NHK was immediately on the scene, covering the first moments of the disaster as it happened, providing continuous up‐to‐the minute coverage and keeping the public informed.

Within 90 seconds of the earthquake, NHK shifted all TV channels and radio broadcasts to disaster coverage, repeating the call for evacuation and conveying essential information to protect property and save lives. NHK continued broadcasting this coverage for eight days on its main channel.

NHK last won an international Emmy in 2011 for "Back from the Brink: Inside the Chilean Mine Disaster."

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BBC kept showing the news about the exploding Fukushima nuclear plant, while there were no mentions about it on NHK for at least 30 minutes. That was CRIMINAL.

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Most of the international media coverage of the disaster was disgusting.

The BBC's media coverage on the disaster was really good. They had a constant live feed for days with updates and coverage of what was going on.

I wasn't in Japan at the time but from what I saw from the footage given to the BBC by NHK they were very professional and did well covering the disaster.

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NHK exists for the sole purpose of reporting domestic news on the back of public "donations" and support by the govt. That they did a superior job in reporting in the aftermath of the tsunami and Fukushima is a given. To me, this award speaks volumes of the ignorance of those that gave the award itself. Again, and again, and again, I shake my head in desbelief of how the "International" award committee conducts itself. When a new agency goes beyond the normal boundaries of reporting and provides a superior product then they deserve an award. NHK had to do what it did if not just to justify its existence. Context, context, context.

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Jefflee - NHK provided timely confirmed information as it became available. Most western coverage was late, inaccurate, and overtime, more and more became entirely speculative and sensationalist.

To foreign media, the quake was some kind of blockbuster movie they were trying to add explosions and excitement to.

To us living here, we needed confirmed facts and up to date information. NHK was the only major international news org trying to do that, and those of us living in Japan with worried family outside Japan exposed only to foreign news, it was dealing with those panic stricken family members that was the worst part of the whole experience.

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Who could stand the AC commercial every 5 seconds? i just got sick to remember the damn slogan Aiciiiiii.....

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It's fine that NHK was awarded the Emmy for new coverage but I wish they could have sent someone who could speak English better for the acceptance speech. I'm still not completely sure what that last bit was. http://www3.nhk.or.jp/daily/english/20121002_15.html

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I think NHK deserved it, they did a very professional coverage, they brought the news with the right balance of emotion and sobriety. Sobriety, btw, was a notion lost to some channels. I watched one of the top Brazilian TV channels coverage, Globo TV, and they did a circus of it. The apex was a van that Brazilians packed with donations to the Fukushima people. At one point the reporter said something like this "while Japanese people are so cold, we Brazilians have a warm soul and this van full of donations shows the world how good hearted we are, and the we are helping the second most rich economy in the world". I promptly got out of the sofa and wrote an email to the broadcaster, asking explanation on how they could have aired such a coverage full of BS. No need to say that no answer came back,

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Those who are interested in the "Wall of Shame" foreign coverage.

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Foreign coverage in of itself was a secondary "disaster".

Anderson Cooper with his "should we evacuate" panic mode live after the hydrogen explosion. The next day, Anderson and his fellow "expert" Sanjay Gupta flee to Akita for their live coverage.

-Fox reporter daily coverage from Osaka. (LOL)


-Nancy Grace and her ballistic tirade

Personally, if the award is given to an individual, it should be given to Shinya Hagio who basically lived in the evacuated area to cover various aspects of the disaster.

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And NHK should get an international Bennie award for some of the worst (non) reporting on the man-made Fukushima disaster. They were busy showing government and TEPCO officials claim it was all safe while several melt-downs were in progress. Part of the giant cover-up that goes on to this day.

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In other words, NHK wins international emmy for turning the camera on.

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Whatever else one might read into this story, I agree that NHK deserves recognition for their very professional service to the public during those first horrible weeks following 3/11.

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I don't think I've ever been asked to pay. Am I just unlucky? It's not retrospective is it......?????

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>they will ramp up the shake dow......er I mean collection process with gusto!

You do know the fees go down from this month? (¥1430 pa if you pay by credit card)

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Hikozaemon: Could not agree more. Also found their commentator Mizuno very trustworthy. He was constantly appearing trying to provide clarity to the viewers on the situation of the plants as they progressed. Notably was impressed with his courage to alarm the public immediately following the breakout through offering his personal views that the situation is very serious, while the government and tepco were focused on downplaying the situation and were pressuring the media accordingly. Turns out as we know today Mizuno was right in his early assertions. NHK with no corporate strings attached proves to be invaluable in circumstances of this nature.

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Most of the international media coverage of the disaster was disgusting.

You mean by highlighting the potential danger of an exploding, melting-down nuclear plant? While NHK parroted Tepco's line that "Everything is under control"?

The Japanese media's coverage was more than disgusting, it was scary. We now know that they care more about the authorities saving face than about the welfare of the public.

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Most of the international media coverage of the disaster was disgusting.

NHK was the only reliable source of facts throughout the whole thing. And they allowed free broadcasting on the internet for that period too.

NHK was the only source of sanity in those weeks after 3/11, and the award is well deserved for a disaster that most large media organizations should be ashamed of how they covered. Well done and well deserved.

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With that under their belt they will ramp up the shake dow......er I mean collection process with gusto!

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They were so lucky to have the opportunity to show what they can do. vomit

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