NHK wins UK’s Television Journalism Awards for March 11 coverage


NHK’s coverage of last year’s Great East Japan Earthquake won the Judges’ Award at the Television Journalism Awards 2010/2011 from the Royal Television Society in the UK, on Feb 22.

The RTS Television Journalism Awards honor creative and excellent journalism in UK news and current affairs, both by organizations broadcasting in the UK and by companies which supply UK news broadcasters.

Presenting the award, RTS commented: “On Friday 11th March, a huge earthquake hit Japan, measuring a massive 9 on the Richter scale. With the help of their 14 helicopters and 70 satellite trucks, NHK provided extraordinary live coverage of the enormous tsunami wave as it came ashore, engulfing everything -- fields, farms, ports and whole villages and towns -- all along Japan’s north east coast.

"Broadcasters in the UK and around the world took these dramatic pictures from NHK. It was the first time that we had been able to broadcast pictures of the full power of a tsunami from the air and live as it happened.”

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“Broadcasters in the UK and around the world took these dramatic pictures from NHK

Journalism Award or Photo Award? wish NHK was able to provide the Actual Facts of tsunami cum nuclear disaster.

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wait so the broadcast was both live and as it happened? amazing.

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wait so the broadcast was both live and as it happened? amazing.

Truly. Next we'll be able to see them instantaneously.

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Isn't NHK operated by the government? An award is the last thing they deserve. Ridiculous.

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Yes jforce....that was funny.

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In March 2011 our TV was constantly on dual screen mode: NHK 1 and Cartoon Network (for the 2 y.o. kid wondering why can't he play outside)... every major foreign news channel relied heavily on the info provided from NHK. Based on that, I agree with this award - IMHO NHK did a pretty good job at reporting the facts during the events, but also they made a lot of documentaries, (talk)shows, presentation, news coverage during the past year. I wonder how can the flyjin even have an opinion on this?

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@jforce - NHK (Nippon Hoso Kyokai) is Japan Broadcasting Corporation belongs to the Ministry of Public Management however NHK criticizes the government sometimes as well as other broadcasting corporations. In the past NHK could not criticize government at all many years ago.

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give NHK a break guys. and extend some support if you please. the coverage was legitimate. in fact they're still on it after almost a year and hopefully until the truth of the matter is revealed. then they will get another award for the longest coverage from the guiness book of world record

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all they had was goyo gakusha on their news shows-government mouthpieces from Todai. The real news was off the TV-reporters like Jimbo san. Experts like Koide Hiroaki not in the employ of Tepco. Shame on NHK for manipulating the news...they also delayed showing pictures of the hydrogen explosion while we were seeing it on alternative news ..

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I realize it's how the NHK reporters are conditioned to talk, but watching the helicopter footage of fleeing cars and trucks getting engulfed in the tsunami waters and people running in vain to try and escape the wave only to be swallowed up while NHK anchors dispassionately droned on was surreal. Robots couldn't have been more emotionless while people's lives were extinguished. I give NHK anchors the award for suppressing their humanity.

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I, being a fan of NHK world for its elaborate programs, including the teaching Nihongo to the foreigner, really find pleasure when it wins the popular award for authentic journalism , covered the shivering dangers after and during the natural disasters in Japan.

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And for continuation, PBS Frontline documentary the first few days of the Fukushima nuclear crisis between TEPCO and ex-PM Kan:


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