NHK WORLD TV to start 24-hour broadcast in Los Angeles


NHK WORLD TV will start around-the-clock broadcasting in the Los Angeles area from Aug 5.

The English-language channel will be made available for about 3.3-million homes in and around Los Angeles. This will bring NHK WORLD TV’s 24-hour broadcast to more than 10 million homes in the United States, NHK said.

The broadcast will be distributed by KCETLink, an independent public broadcasting organization headquartered in Burbank, California, through a digital over-the-air channel (Channel 28.4). Four cable television companies, including Time Warner Cable, and Verizon, which offers an IPTV service, will also carry the channel for their subscribers.

So far, in the United States, NHK WORLD TV has been available around the clock mostly on the East Coast, such as New York, Washington, DC and Philadelphia.

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But, ahem, some people will tell you Japan has no interest in making it abroad because it would threaten their status in the local market.

Anyway, is NHK going to demand Americans start paying the monthly fees?

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What is the objective - to make Japan known to the world (for which the internet gives an excellent ROI), or to feed quarters into traditional broadcasting's life support machine?

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so its free to watch NHK on the internet, but you have to pay if you watch it on TV, what a fjoke. with the crap content they keep showing theyll end up like the dinosaurs eventually

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have been watching NHK WORLD near Las Vegas. (Channel 114) INott just Japan but Vietnam, Taiwan, and other countries; news.

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NHK World has nothing to do with the broadcaster's subscription fee structure in Japan--viewers in the U.S. will get it along with all of their other cable or other program offerings. I watched it off and on in Hawaii, but some of the programming was just kind of embarrassing to watch; it seems NHK has had trouble recruiting truly bilingual on-air talent to handle all of the reporting and announcing/hosting duties needed for 24-hour programming.

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NHK World is on Roku => so you can get this anywhere there is internet(s).

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We just watch any channels in USA. We don'y pay. Other countries culture and scenes. Around Las Vegas area. English narrations we have. Excellent anchor people. Better than watching half naked Vegas floor shows.

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Somebody, somewhere foots the bill!!! If it is not the locals...

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Wonderful news, hope we can get more of this around the US, native American TV is some of the worst ad laden junk in the world today.

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@Saulojpn: We don't pay because all of channels have many (too many?) ad income every 25 minute we have ads like Nissan, Some kind of medicine, make-up, furniture, i-phone, computer, cable service, insurance, beside several attorneys and more. Then rerun channels have end of credit, Sony Picture Entertainment, Boat. cars.eateries, we viewers benefit. Just buy TV and connect to wall. no subscription needed in USA.

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Best thing is to dump the tv, don't watch the damn thing.Our family gave up a few years ago and life has never been better.

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People still watch TV? It's total rubbish... American TV is pretty bad but Japan is slightly worse... maybe except for NHK.

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pV is handy to watch Blue Ray Disk installed movies. Just using DVD plauers which are cjheap. TVs are cheap now, too. You can buy 50+inches diagonal TV with only a few hundred dollars.

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Thomas Anderson: "TV" doesn't quite fit the definition it did when it came out in the '50s. "Watching TV" includes renting DVDs of previously broadcast shows, and even watching video that is broadcast solely on the internet. "American TV" has very little meaning, as such, save that the content is produced in the US (or Canada).

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@Stephen Knight

NHK World has actually improved a lot. You can watch live streaming on their official website. I would say a good 80% of their reporters and hosts are fluent in English.

A lot of their shows are pretty interesting too and the formatting has vastly improved. I would say it's up there on the same level as with BBC World News in terms of format. They're also covering a lot more global issues but there is still room for improvement.

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