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NHK's 'Domo-kun' to be aired in 101 countries


NHK announced on Wednesday that an animated series featuring its promotional character “Domo-kun” will be broadcast in 101 countries, including the U.S., UK and France. According to NHK, Domo-kun has gradually become popular since 2006, even outdoing the phenomenally successful 1980s TV drama “Oshin” which was broadcast in 64 countries.

Domo-kun was originally created in 1999 to promote NHK's satellite broadcast service and 26 episodes of the stop-motion puppet animation have been sold at international television exhibitions abroad so far.

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first episode "Domo-kun's fun with insider trading"

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"Domo-kun and the North Korean abductees"

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"Domo-kun requests you pay your NHK subscription fees, OR ELSE!" Those teeth aren't merely for show, ladies and jellybeans.

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The fourth episode, "Domo-kun does Dallas". It will be a big hit. Really.


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Sicilian, I'm waitin' for "The Devil in Mrs. Domo," "Domo Throat" and "Shall We Domo."

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And "Mad Max V: Return to the Thunderdomo."

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I wanna see Yan-san make a comeback.

Their heads are sort of similarly shaped.

In an eery and non-attractive way.

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Indiana Domo and the Domo of Doom..

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Papasmurf - LOL!

I used to rather like the Domo-kun ads on NHK. Didn't stop me playing the dumb foreigner when the NHK guy came round, though!

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