Nicolas Cage files for annulment 4 days after Vegas wedding


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Big Dummy. This will cost them more than the wedding itself, probably.

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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. But they've been dating over a year. I see she's a high school graduate.

Is "relationship with another person" some sort of code? Not another man?

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Divorced Lisa Marie after he realized he didn't marry Elvis.

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What a tool. This is the same tw@t who bought a castle and then tried to sue his financial advisor who advised him not to.

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Maybe she started asking for gokozukai, somebody translated, and he quickly sobered up.

Jokes aside, what a tool -- the both of them.

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Just as long as he’s thought this through.

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It sounds like a scene out of one of his movies. They were spotting in a public shouting match in Vegas.

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Stealing the part of the plot of the Hangover. Get your own material, Nicholas Cage.

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So she was monkey branching - poor Nicholas got caught up in her games.

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Poor Nick, made some great movies....and a share of crappy ones, pretty good luck for the most part, but when it comes to women......yikes!

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I bet wife #5 will be a keeper.

Reckless: Love it! One of my favorite actors living life to the max with no rehearsals.

Here you go, Reckless -

Greatest Nicolas Cage quotes and scenes of all time


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I saw him in Bangkok Dangerous a few years ago. Maybe he needs to go there for his bride.

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