No plans to digitize Fisher in future 'Star Wars' films


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"Lucasfilm insists Episode VIII will be Fisher's last"

Oh how considerate of them! The company says this as it has alone decided Fisher's fate while spinning how much she means to them. She died. If they really cared they would not be spouting such rubbish. A child could see through such insincerity. Her family is in mourning. Leave them alone. Who do they think they are?

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Sick idea, that would even come up.

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just kill her off in the next one ... everybody would understand ... just don't kill off luke (yet).

obi ... dead. han ... dead. leia ... dead to be ... (no worries) r2 and c3po ... can never die ...

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What are you going on about. Their statement sounded tasteful to me.

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I would have absolutely no issue with a computer generated Princess (General) Leia as part of Star Wars IX... Providing her family/estate has no issues. Also, as long as it's an integral part of the story for the character to appear.

With Rogue One, Grand Moff Tarkin was an essential character & with Peter Cushing's family's/estate's permission, LucasFilm inserted the character into the film. It was not a flawless representation, but I see it as a successful test.

That said... LucasFilm's reactions to the rumor mentioned in this article are VERY political & as with most political responses, they leave an opening. How many politicians have said they "have no plans" to do something & then suddenly decide they what to do that something? Also, by saying Episode VIII "...will be Fisher's last" is very true. However, a computer generated Princess Leia will not actually BE Carrie Fisher will it?

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