Noel Gallagher discards any trace of Oasis sound in new album


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I knew both the brother back in the day both were/are full of them self just Liam is more mental and Noel more grounded add charles to the mix and what do you get.

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So what exactly does the new album sound like then?

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I met Noel once.  In a khazi at the Met Bar.  He was totally wasted. 

If you read books on their time with Oasis he comes across as pretty awful.

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I heard somewhere that Oasis stole a lot of ideas from some band in Manchester.

By that I mean some of the guitar parts or melodies. Is that true?

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@Brooks, are you talking about Happy Mondays, Stone Roses, Blur or a more obscure Mancunian group? Oasis more or less came in to fill a vacuum for solid rock singles that existed because the other highly ranked groups were flaming out after a couple of albums from the pressure of competing with US rock bands and the homegrown rave scene. Just by their longevity to still be creative in middle age, I'd say these brothers have had a good run. David Holmes is a good producer too, so I want to give this new one a listen.

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The Gallagher brothers back in the day were a-holes to fans and to each other. Noel has mellowed and chilled out allot. Not sure about Liam. Since Holmes produced his bands new LP it might be worth a listen. And Noel is an exceptional song writer and decent guitarist / vocalist / lyricist. Oasis had allot of good hit songs and decent music.

Whats your favorite Oasis song? Mine: D you know what I mean.

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I've tried to listen to Noel's band - Angry Birds or whatever it's called. Terrible.

Him and his brother haven't had a fresh idea since 1996.

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@TorafusuTorasan Blur are not from Manchester or anywhere near it.

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It was on Youtube some time ago. Not the Stone Roses, some no name Manchester band.

There was a video stating that Oasis stole these melodies.

I heard what was done but I cannot say whether it was stolen. Anyway,

like or loathe him, Liam was a good singer.

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I heard a few songs already. Sounds interesting, and Noel sings better than Liam.

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