Writer-filmmaker Nora Ephron dies of leukemia at 71


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Journalism is "male dominated"? I didn't realize that. At least half the journalists I watch on CNN and BBC are female.

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Decades ago, when she was a journalist. Besides, it's behind the camera, who's calling the shots is what matters.

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A great talent with the ability to put true meaning behind words and feelings and emotions into screenplays. Rest in peace and long may we remember your works.

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t's behind the camera, who's calling the shots is what matters.

So lighting technicians and subtitlers are in charge of the likes of Christiane Amanpur or Barbara Walters? Wrong again.

BTW, lots of producers happen to be women, too.

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I'm obviously talking about execs - lighting techs and subtitlers do not call the shots around here.

And I didn't say there aren't women execs. I said it's what matters, definitely more than who's on-camera.

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lostrune2 said:

I said it's what matters, definitely more than who's on-camera.

So you're saying all of Branden Frasier's flops were the fault of the execs and not the actor? ;-P

Re: Nora Ephron

I loved the story how the deli scene in "When Harry Met Sally" came about.

The most unforgettable — and oft-quoted — scene from “When Harry Met Sally” showed Ryan faking a loud orgasm in front of Crystal over lunch at a delicatessen. After Ryan’s intense moment, a woman at a nearby booth tells the waiter, “I’ll have what she’s having.”

Ms. Ephron said it was Ryan’s idea to film the scene in the deli, and it was Crystal who came up with the one-liner. But the core idea came from talks between Ms. Ephron and Reiner.

“One day, we were sitting around and Rob said to me, ‘You know, we’ve told you all this stuff that you didn’t know about men, now you tell us something we don’t know about women,’ ” Ms. Ephron told an audience at a book reading in 2006. “It was almost like, ‘I dare you.’ And I said, ‘Well, women fake orgasms.’ And he said, ‘Not with me.’ ”

“And I said, ‘Yes, we do,’ ” she added. “Maybe not all the time, but sometimes. He still didn’t believe me. So we went thundering into the bullpen at Castle Rock Pictures where all the women work, and he asked them, ‘Is it true that women fake orgasms?’ And all these women nodded yes. What a shock that scene was for men.”

“That’s my career, right there,” Ms. Ephron quipped.


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R.I.P. watched all of your films and turned me into.....

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I loved that movie, Sleepless in Seattle! RIP

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