Norika Fujiwara says secret of beauty is love


Actress Norika Fujiwara, 41, has some advice for the participants in Fox Japan's new reality show "Japan's Next Beauty." The secret of maintaining one's beauty, she says, is "falling in love."

Fujiwara will host the show which brings together 15 young Japanese women aged 18-20, who live together and compete with each other by going through various obstacles to get to the top.

"It's really hard to judge people," said Fujiwara who is herself a veteran of many contests. "I remember all the stress I went through during the audition process. I was once kicked out of the room because I was not 'family size.' Another time I passed the audition for a TV commercial but it was only for my legs," she said.

"Japan's Next Beauty" debuts at 9 p.m. on Sunday June 23 on the Fox Japan channel.

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"the secret of maintaining one's beauty"

What is the secret of obtaining beauty in the first place? Having the right genes, right? Norika sure has 'em! Shame about the little picture here, doesn't do her justice!

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You can click on the picture to enlarge it.

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I came to Japan over ten years ago and this woman has been 41 for as long as I can remember.

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I can't imagine just how awful this show is going to be. I had kind of hoped this nonsense wouldn't become a Japanese TV phenomenon, but hey. I suppose it is in line with idiotic panel shows with tarentos and geezers all talking rubbish and guffawing and looking surprised.

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Sounds like good advice. Oh, and if you don't want your hair to turn grey don't have kids. :-)

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She must be right, my wife is proof!

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yeah, she loves herself, that's why divorced, no kids, so she can spend all her time and money on taking care of herself.

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yeah, she loves herself, that's why divorced, no kids, so she can spend all her time and money on taking care of herself.

Big "yes" to this comment!

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what a very shallow definition, so she means if you are not Romantically involved with somebody you cannot be BEAUTIFUL? So you have to be IN LOVE to be beautiful? How many women I know here in Japan who spend their money being beautiful and indeed many of them are gorgeous however they are melting inside because they fell in love with a wrong men and their expectations are too high. Its because of these crazy ideology from “TALENTOS” that makes many women here shallow.

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+1 for the moderator comment there :)

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Plastic surgery works wonders too. Wonder if she's had any?

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Important advice to become beautiful is by the food we eat..change our diet .. Eat glyconutrients everyday . For cells to cells communication.. Skin change after 28 days amazing no need to fall in love (fail In love) to become beautiful ^_^..

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Whether she is 41 or 51 ...doesn,t matter ...she looks great.

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The secret of maintaining one’s beauty...

In Norika's case it's plastic surgery. She's naturally pretty to begin with but what you see is the product of years of conservative plastic surgery done periodically over time. At 41, people will still argue that she can look this good without any procedures, which so far has worked to her advantage, but in 10 years' time at 51 you'll see that her look is not natural.

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i dont think the guy holding the mic on the left gives a damn ...he's just happy to be close enough to have a good perv

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Love? I can help her with that.

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N. Fujiwara said: "The secret of keeping one's beauty is falling in love" ...oh how naive some people can be!!

I prefer the quote from the circa 1980's song by the J. Geils band: "Love Stinks!"

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So, this is the Japanese version of "America's Next Top Model"?

I watched the US and UK versions a few times. My word, their appalling behaviour and childishness was hard to believe, but often entertaining.

I'm almost tempted to watch this with the following ANTM checklist just as a comparison...

Roll up! Roll up! How many points can I get? Contestants should include:

a prima donna,

a country gal,

a plus size,

an older woman (ie mid- to late- 20s),

an ethnic mix,

a lesbian,

a party girl,

a prude,

a single mother,

someone who has no coordination whatsoever, and falls over a lot,

a possible anorectic,

a theist (of any persuasion),

a hardass who nobody likes,

someone who misses their boyfriend very, very much, and then cheats on them,

someone really messy / tardy, and

at least 3 smokers.

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Yes, that's the trash called entertainment overseas, a never-ending supply of reality TV shows. So when I hear people go on about Japanese TV, I roll my eyes. Pot calling the kettle black.

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Does t.v. in Japan have 24 minutes of commercials in an hour, like in America?

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Um, let's see... the woman had a crazy expensive wedding on TV with a marriage that lasted what, less than a year because her hubby couldn't keep it in his pants, she played the victim and disappeared for a while, had numerous procedures done and tries to tell us that love is the secret? More like the love of money and doctors.

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Well, I love Norika and that hasn't helped me one bit. :)

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I laughed at all the comments here, which I presume were / are not all serious. Fujiwara never said who or what [she] was falling in love with.

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Heck, the first thing I did after reading the headline was click on the picture to enlarge it and it still doesn't do justice to Norika.

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I have to say, I don't get the appeal. Gentlemen, care to share? She's got nice legs but her teeth having been looking rather brown and her face looks like plastic to me. That and she appears to be very high maintenance - just basing this on her million dollar wedding and the like.

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tmarie - Norika has the face of an angel.

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It's a fact that when you fall madly in love your brain releases dopamine as well as other chemicals that give you energy and focus. Your energy does actually skyrocket. You're more curious, optimistic and motivated. This does affect your entire body, language, your smile, your entire body and even your voice goes up. Hence all of this does make you more attractive. Therefore in one sense you become beautiful.

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well tmarie: You are clearly not a lesbian!

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Real Beauty (and all of a person) is in the eyes and body movement. Not in looks.

Looks are nice, sure, but all these ppl commenting on looks, genes, and maintaining them with money, free time, or what have you are missing the point.

True love (not surface "like" or simple horniness) comes across in eyes that are deep and a relaxed and honest expression on the face. And that is where beauty is at.

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Serrano, different folks, different strokes. She does nothing for me at all.

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You can click on the picture to enlarge it.

And the you can see the picture better too.

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Love? That the reason I am not beautiful at all !!! : (

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"You can click on the picture to enlarge it"

Norika's face doesn't get nearly large enough.

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Norika has the face of an angel.

Tastes and colors. But now, she looks like my grandma when she was in her 70's. The hair wig and the dress look like she raided Granny's dressing.

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Ho hum.

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And so goes for me Tmarie, I There's nothing attractive about her face. Saw her once in cm on cable tv, she was wearing those nude lipstick? She looked terrible, pale and old. I hope she doesn't make the mistake of using it again as it doesn't make her justice. If only I were her make up artist!

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Does anyone else notice how the feminist western women on this site always hate Japanese women like this. they call them fake, lazy, and whatever, yawn. Yet Japanese women on average look better for their age, live longer, much less obesity and in most cases have complete control of the family purse strings. In other words they are empowered and look better than most ladies in the west. Real feminists, not control freaks and i like women like that.

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