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Now 80, Jane Fonda says she didn't think she'd live to 30


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@ Dan Lewis a traitor to what exactly?

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I’ve really worked hard to get better as a human being."

Well, some plastic surgeons worked hard

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Well, hanging out in North Vietnam in the '60s was known to be hazardous to your health.

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Well, from my German point of view standing up against a country that commits war crimes is considered very honourable. Especially if it's your own country!

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And most of the US population was saddened by your failed prediction.

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A true American patriot. Stood up to the war machine.

Long may she reign.

As for the war crimes? Take your pick; My Lai, use of chemical weapons, rapes, murders...

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@lonelywolf - Let's say your suggestion that the US was committing war crimes was true. Is taking it out on POWs by betraying their pleas for help really "standing up to" your country?

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macv- Lookup Hanoi Jane.

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True, if the North Vietnamese had put her in a POW camp she probably wouldn't have lived to 30.

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Now 80, Jane Fonda says she didn't think she'd live to 30

Well, she's a traitor so maybe she shouldn't have!

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