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Now for something completely different... Monty Python returns


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I have to admit, I would love to see The Parrot sketch with Palin and Cleese. They could make a very funny new version of it if they don't stick to the original characters.

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"Bring out your Dead"

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They made people happy and I am sure they will do the same with their funny sketches. I am looking forward to their antics and wonderful sense of humor. Kudos to the person or persons responsible for getting them to appear together again.

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It's just not the Same without Graham Chapman :(

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For me the best one wasn't the parrot sketch, it was the one where they were laying on their sides "mountain climbing" "up" a sidewalk, pounding pitons into the sidewalk to hold their belaying ropes. One of the pitons gave way, and you can imagine what happened next. Classic Python!

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Great guys, great memories.

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This is going to be dreadful.

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