Nozomi Tsuji reportedly living apart from husband


"Talent" and former Morning Musume singer Nozomi Tsuji, 24, is living separately from her husband Taiyo Sugiura, 30, Josei Seven magazine reports.

According to the article, Tsuji "borrowed" an apartment in the center of Tokyo far from her home earlier this month. The magazine says the cause of the separation is financial troubles concerning Sugiura's relatives.

However, Tsuji's agency said the couple aren't separating and that Tsuji has moved into the apartment to prepare for her return to work.

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Kizuna=bond, where's it?

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I understand her frustration, and commend her for doing something about it. Two of my three daughters married men whose parents are constantly mooching and/or stealing money from them to use for drinking and gambling. Even though it places a real financial hardship on their own children and grandchildren, some people just don't care.

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Tsuji-chan... Ever since i first saw you on Hexagon Quiz II.... i am in love.. divorce him... marry me!

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holy moly! Sugiura's hot! she is too! stay together please!

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Sugiura looks like a dork.. divorce him!

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And next week she'll be admitting it's true. I'm all for privacy, just not sure why so many 'talento' lie and pretend it's all love-love and everything's fine.

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no wonder the fertility rate is dropping, couples just can't bloody well stay together !!

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Got married rather young didn't she?!

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"Got married rather young didn't she?!" - lol I plan on marrying my gf as soon as she turns 19. Men nowadays have fewer options that are worth walking down the isle for.

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Got married rather young didn't she?!" @ tmarie...Nozomi is 24yrs old and is 8yrs older than the legal marriage age in Japan which is 16. She actually married at the right time. lol

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How very sad that the in laws are able to mess up a marriage in this way, but I now of quite a few couples who have had or are having exactly the same problems. The sense of obligation to elders and entitlement from them is very strong here.

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I think she is more famous than his husband. She earns money more than his husband, maybe. It maybe very difficult because of their relationship, I think. She wants to work to get daily bread, however, she has to do her own household affairs....And so on...

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