Nozomi Sasaki to play newscaster in upcoming drama


Model and actress Nozomi Sasaki, 25, will play the role of a sexy newscaster in the upcoming TV drama, "Otenki One-san," to air on TV Asahi from April at 11:15 p.m. on Friday nights.

The story is about a popular newscaster on the morning program "Morning Z" and her rivalry with a new weather forecaster, played by Emi Takei, 19.

In an interview with Sports Nippon, Sasaki said that before filming started, she had always thought presenting the news was a flashy job. "I never thought much about newscasters' actual lives and how they get along or don't get along with each other off camera. I am excited to explore their inner world."

Sasaki described her character as a woman who is seemingly distant and unfriendly but has a solid core at the same time.

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If anyone can "explore the inner world" of a newscaster it is Nozomi-chan. Bet Emi looks gorgeous as a 19 year-old weather girl too.

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25 already!?? Unbelievable...

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She is a lovely lady and a great actress thanks for the coverage.

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Emi Takei plays a genius weathergirl who got her meterologist license at the age of 11.

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