NTV punishes TV producer for sexually harassing newscaster Mai Yamagishi


NTV said Monday it has punished a TV producer for sexually harassing from popular newscaster Mai Yamagishi as well as other female staff on the "News ZERO" program.

NTV apologized to viewers and said the producer was transferred to another bureau on June 1. He had previously been in charge of the culture segment of "News ZERO."

Meanwhile, Yamagishi, 26, remains unaffected by the decision. She has maintained her schedule on the program which airs Monday to Thursday from 10:54 p.m. and on Friday from 11:58 p.m.

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I agree -- why is the vic outed and the perp protected?

To be fair, in order for a vic(tim) to be outed, they would have to have felt victimized in the first place. This whole thing was instigated by an unnamed third party. What were THEIR motives in this?

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I agree -- why is the vic outed and the perp protected?

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Yes, I'm sure she wrote all that of her own volition! I doubt anyone from the TV company asked her to deny being sexually harassed.

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bildeberg, nice escape

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Kickboard - I can't even be bothered to spell it out for you.

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Reminds me of the S.F. consulate staffer who beat his wife repeatedly, was jailed (because it occurred on U.S. soil - fortunately) and all the Japanese consulate said was it was a 'personal matter' - sexual harassment seems to be more of an embarrassment for the superiors in Japan at worst rather than any kind of crime. And always transferred, no matter what institution with no punishment or loss of pay. Lame.

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is this really a punishment or a reward?

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Cheers for posting her comments and your paraphrase. Perhaps I'm reading a bit too much between the lines but it seems interesting that even though the guy has been "punished" for multiple sexual harrassments involving various staff members, she goes public in denying she was one of the victims.

Is this a case of the victim covering for the perpetrator, because it is so ingrained that women should be subservient to men? Could she have covered for him because speaking up against sexual harrasment turns her into a feminist crusader in the male-dominated television industry - thereby damaging her chances of promotion? Or was her involvement in the case just concocted by the media so it would make headline news?

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Paraphrasing Yamagishi's blog, linked to by this article, she writes that she did not recognize what happened as sexual harassment and that she never herself uttered the words "sexual harassment." She went on to say that she feels it is very unfortunate that reports of the situation are using the term "sexual harassment." (Below is the Japanese from the blog)

私としてはセクハラを受けたという認識はありませんでしたし、セクハラという言葉を自分の口から発した事もありませんでした。 れが、こうして『セクハラ』という言葉だけが取り沙汰されるような状況になってしまったのは、本当に残念に思っています。

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Transferred to another bureau so that he could harass more women no doubt...this guy needs to be canned!

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So it took this long, and this much, for the guy to be.... TRANSFERRED? Why was he not out and out fired and charged with sexual harassment?

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Bildeburg, and just what is pathetic about it? She says she did not ever state she was sexually harassed but that it was interpreted that way. She is sorry about the fact that her program would garner attention through such news and not for being the wonderful program that she believes it is. She ends by saying she will strive to become a better newscaster. Sounds reasonable enough to me. What you you have said?

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Before everybody jumps into the stereotypes bandwagon, JT should provide more info into this story. IN an interview, she says that she was not sexually harassed, and somebody else complained to the management that the producer acted "inappropriately". that's why the name of the producer was not released

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Transferred to another bureau? Hell probably just continue is (bad) activities there too. And Ive no idea why NTV apologized to the viewers, they should have apologized to Yamagishi first.

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Wow, just a transfer!!! Must be nice to be a pervert in this country...

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Again goes to show that 'harass' in Japan is merely seen as a part of a woman's body.

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Rosa Parks is the woman in my native Detroit who told a white man that, no, she would not give up her seat on the bus.

You make a great point, but please be careful how you state "facts". It's very easy to misunderstand what you wrote here and I am sure that wasn't the intent.

Rosa Parks told a white man in Montgomery Alabama that she wouldn't give up her seat, not Detroit.

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^^ She says she didnt realise, report or even say she was being sexually harassed.

Is that a retraction? Or did she not actually many any accusations? How was it reported?

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I recommend to those who can read Japanese to read her blog entry from June 3. It is utterly pathetic.

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Name the victim of a sexual violation but not the perpetrator, eh? Keep it classy, NTV.

Exactly. JT does a great job too by providing a link to the victim's blog, no doubt so other men can have a peek at the young attractive woman and fantasize about her themselves. Even when they are the victims, women are treated as mere sex objects.

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Surprised NTV didin't make her apologise for leading him on. And why are NTV apologising to viewers? Did NTV apologise to her? Is his new show a men-only operation? Just sill all round.

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Dear Ms. Yamagishi, first congratulations on your fortitude to maintain your schedule and not quit because of what this creep did to you. Next, you have a "Rosa Parks" opportunity staring you in the face. Rosa Parks is the woman in my native Detroit who told a white man that, no, she would not give up her seat on the bus. All hell broke loose; she was arrested and that touched off the civil rights movement. You can be that kind of person for Japan, Ms. Yamagishi and like Hoserfella said Japanese women need to start making demands. I just visited your blog and here is my suggestion; name the punk who did this, if possible include a picture and complain how his "punishment" was a transfer. Yes, you will be punished, probably fired. Then go on your blog, call a news conference, make a YouTube video and let the public know. I believe the reaction would be explosive; from the gang rapes in India to murders by stalkers in this country to the news reports of young mothers and their children dying of starvation because they couldn't get assistance while fleeing domestic violence, people are fed up with the terrible treatment of women. YOU can be the catalyst that begins a Japanese Bill of Rights for women, Ms. Yamagishi. Please don't let it pass you by.

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Yup, that's about how serious sexual harassment is taken in Japan. No punishment, just a transfer where he will be out of sight and out of mind - but free to continue with harassment of other women.

I used to take a very sympathetic view of Japanese women, but they really have to start demanding tougher laws. Hopefully this slap in the face "transfer" will inspire something.

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So many scums work in the TV industry so surprise here! I'm glad Ms. Yamahishi is ok!

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Sexual harassement... she didn't apologize for whole the story to be blown off the proportions?

And to other users - sexual harassement is bad when someone got a sentence...

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Transferred indeed. When will people have to start asking responsibility for their actions?

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Transferred?? I presume their employee manual says "We at NTV do NOT have a no-tolerance policy in regard to sexual harassment."

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Sexual harassment is a crime... in developed countries.

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Dude should be fired! AND "outed" as well!

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Name the victim of a sexual violation but not the perpetrator, eh? Keep it classy, NTV.

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