Odagiri signs on to promote Brillia Ariake Sky Tower


Heart-throb actor Joe Odagiri, 33, is the image character for the new Tokyo luxury apartment complex Brillia Ariake Sky Tower. At a recent talk show event, he gave the press an inside scoop on his personal life, insisting he is a complete indoor-type guy.

“It’s like I live in a house without a front door. I watch television, I lie around, and I drink a lot.” He is so fond of being at home, that on a recent trip to Brazil, the actor searched for a do-it-yourself furniture store to make his nest a more personal space. Though the search ended in vain, Odagiri compromised by becoming a committed IKEA fan upon his return. “I love IKEA.

The products they sell are so reasonably priced and kawaii. I’m currently jobless, so it would be amazing to be in their commercial if they ever had one. In the meantime though, my schedule is wide open for a booze gig too!”

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ugly guy, ugly shirt, and no doubt an ugly building

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Odagiri compromised by becoming a committed IKEA fan upon his return. “I love IKEA.

Ikea sells the best furniture in Japan. The shops are always so crowded, so not only he is a fan of Ikea.

I like that he keeps his hair natural. All the actors and talentos in Japan have dyed their hair.

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Luxury apartment complex developer: "We need an image character! Find me a 33 year old jobless, drunk, heart-throb actor who has embarrassingly bad taste!"

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First of all, he should not say "jobless", but "in hiatus", which is an actor's word for "jobless". Second, he can actually be a really good actor in indi-type movies (Maison de Himiko). Brillia is upper end and I guess they would have the money to pay for him.

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Jobless huh? that bum

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