'Odd Couple,' 'Quincy' actor Jack Klugman dies at 90


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I loved him as Oscar Madison, and in "The Days of Wine and Roses" as the AA sponsor, trying to help Jack Lemmon's character, and as one of the jurors, in "12 Angry Men".

He was great in every role he was in...

A long, full life...

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R.I.P. Homie

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I remember that Twilight Zone episode, excellent.


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The Odd Couple

I used to watch that. He played a great role in it. It seems like yesterday......


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CIGARETTES KILL HIM....throat cancer...etc. A terrible end to a "wonderful" life. It really appalls me how many old people will die horrible deaths after suffering terribly just because of the tobacco/cancer/"health" industry. Will younger people get the message? Not here in Japan, so far...still smoking inside restaurants and bars...and yes, he was a fine actor, and very personable, but Cancer Sticks don't care.

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Wow, I used to hear the theme song for The Odd Couple all the time when I was kid. I generally liked the show even though the humor was sometimes over my head back then. Maybe time to revisit. Rest In Peace. and Ranger_Miffy2 they are not sure what killed but a while back he had throat cancer and beat it. He too was disgusted with tabacco after that.

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Amazing guy, been watching him all my life.

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