Older, stronger Goku in Hollywood's 'Dragonball'


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It looks so silly.

I feel sorry for Chow Yun Fat, the king of cool, being reduced to this.

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I applaud the creators for trying to make a life-size Goku & crew, but honestly, some things are best represented in their original form. I've dreamt of a motion picture DB for years, but the my fantasy of it is probably better than anyone else's big screen live representation of it.

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I thought Dragonball Z was a Japanese anime. How come no Japanese actors in this movie?

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i have very low expectations for this movie.

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Who's idea was this? I saw the trailers and I was so horrified by it! Chow-Yun PLEASE don't do this!! I know the economy is bad, but you don't have to ruin your name!! PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS!! This is gonna be a horrible movie, I think if I watch it some one better be paying for me I will not spend a penny on this!!

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All that we hoped to do was to preserve the essence of Dragonball

By changing the main character and a major support character? Oh, and now, Piccolo is a small appliance salesman. But other than that, it's the essence of Dragonball.

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Wasn't Dragonball based on the Chinese Monkey King's Journey to the West?

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part of me wants to hate this movie because they took dragonball and did whatever they want to it, but then another part of me thinks this may be a pretty good action movie if I don't compare it to what I already know from dragonball.

@ aj201 very loosely

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Hollywood has a fine history of making a movie of a property and total wrecking it (remember to original street fighter movie 0__0)

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