Oliver Stone revisits JFK assassination in new documentary


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“The sixth and fatal shot—frame 313—takes Kennedy in the head from the front. This is the key shot.

The president going ‘back to his left’.

Shot from the front and right.

Totally inconsistent with the shot from the depository.

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“This is the key shot. [—frame 313—]

Shot from the front and right.”

“Again... back and to the left…

back and to the left…

back and to the left…

back and to the left.”

Totally inconsistent with the shot from the depository.”

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Fact check = acceptability review

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Hey,, it's Oliver Stone. We all know what it's going to look like. He just has to take the opposite view at all costs, even at the cost of getting caught in his own lies. And it doesn't matter if they're crazy theories or anything else. He just always has to stand in opposition.

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His most compelling claim, the NZ newspaper article, was fake, pure and simple. The second most, the argument about angle of the bullet hitting Connelly and Kennedy, was based on a wrong assumption that their seats were in line with each other. The seats were in fact offset from each other.

He has no credibility.

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“America is censoring itself. It’s censoring Facebook

What does that mean censoring Facebook? He would have been correct if he said Facebook Google and Twitter are censoring America. But then he’d never get a distributor. LOL

End the Fed! Kennedy tried, and died.

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Stone smells more than one rat in the cellar of the "Deep State". Cherchez the CIA and those Cubans!

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Stone-like Michael Moore will only research and go with facts that they feel fit their political viewpoint and make a movie based on how THEY perceive the history and facts to be, both men have been called out so many times for a lot of their movies to be historically incorrect. Their movies are just typical of Hollywood's perspective to take on the issue, just enjoy it for what it is, entertainment and nothing more.

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JFK, would not have withdrawn from Vietnam. So said by Gore Vidal, an intimate of the Kennedys. Also, said by a personal acquaintance who was in the JFK administration.

A family friend, who was in the JFK and LBJ administration said the following: That he could not have faith in a government that allows its head-of-state to be assassinated. He never allowed that Oswald was the assassin. But, the government, in the guise of federal agents, allowed JFK to be murdered. They did nothing to stop it.

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“America is censoring itself. It’s censoring Facebook, it’s censoring the ex-president. We’re scared. We’re scared of hearing the truth,” Stone continued. 

At least he got this right.

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So dictators like Putin tell you the truth and balance the world power? Ever tried to live under one of those? Any values in life beside $$$? What an empty bubble pretending to be something.

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"JFK: Conspiracy of Silence" by Dr. Charles A. Cremshaw.

The author / doctor who was the first doctor in Dallas to examine JFK's body after he was shot states that JFK was shot from the front judging by the entry wound and exit wound. Being from Texas, the doctor was certain the kill shot came from a high powered rifle from the front. He goes on to discuss the intimidation he endured to prevent him from rocking the boat.

I loaned the book out to a doctor who completely disbelieved any of the conspiracy theories about the JFK assassination, but, he told me later after reading the book, he wasn't so sure now. No, I never I got the book. I hope he lent it to another doctor because it's a book everybody should read.

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Apart from JFK, another interesting movie on this subject (back in 1970's) was "Executive Action" staring Burt Lancaster. I think it is naive to believe LHO committed this atrocity at all. He was a convenient scapegoat. No US President has been perfect, but JFK (and especially Bobby) was trying to bring public attention to some powerful people who thought they were untouchable. Along with the assassinations of Bobby Kennedy and MLK, it proved they were, at that time, untouchable, after-all, they got away with it, didn't they?

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