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Oliver Stone warns of Pokemon Go 'totalitarianism'


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Always liked Oliver Stones opinions as a refreshing break from the norm, his son is spot on as well in my opinion. Oh and he does make great movies.

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Almost sounds like a fatwa coming from a kibishii or sharia practicing country (perhaps like a S Arabia). Or an old grandpa warning the young ones to stay away from an activity. Am glad he is fallible or could be sorely mistaken. Should stick to movie making where he has produced some nice film work.

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Always liked Oliver Stones opinions as a refreshing break from the norm, his son is spot on as well in my opinion. Oh and he does make great movies.

Took the words right out of my mouth Kobe.

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@ Dan RK

If you look at his films there is a lot of political - social - meaningful topics and always have been. Hes a viet nam war vet(volunteered) who had a right wing stock broker father. A man worth listening to in my opinion, this is not the ranting of some "old grandpa" as you put it.

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He's not wrong, but what are the alternatives? I mean the real world alternatives, not utopias of freedom and good will in a healthy democracy. That just doesn't happen. It's clear that every country in the world is messed up one way or another.

Surveillance is, as scary as it is long term, one of the tamest ways to lose your freedom at the moment. There are surefire ways to protect your identity online and to keep you from being bombarded from advertising, I just wish there was more education about them so the general public could decide for themselves.

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Use DuckDuckGo, do a regular detox, and beware the cookie monster, too.

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kobe/Aly. not being contra for the sake of it, but not a huge fan of Stone. a lot of his movies are his "reimaginings" of real events, very often not particularly clever or gripping. and he talks hiws own book. has a movie out about Snowden so squeezes the Pokémon go "phenomenon" (which I am no fan of either) into the whole surveillance culture topic (i.e. the core of his movie)......

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Isnt Oliver a part of this as well or is he trying to ride off the popularity of the new craze!

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Tinfoil hats ahoy!

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I completely agree that the term "Totalitarianism" is over the top. However, I do not think that stating the fact that our smart phones and other personal devices are being used to track us qualifies someone as wearing a "tin foil hat" anymore. Just look at the connections between Niantic Labs, the company Keyhole, and In-Q-Tel (AKA venture capital arm of the CIA).

Things that seemed crazy and insane 10 years ago (when the media used to deny Bilderberg meetings existed at all) are no longer that crazy and insane.

Regardless this is the new world and there is not a lot we can do about it. To those who wish to play - be careful and have fun! As for me just not my cup of tea

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it has been criticized for requesting users’ Google browsing history and email.

Is that necessary to play the game?? It sounds rather invasive.

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Sounds like a bitter old man. One should actually be questioning his intimate and bizarre detailed knowledge of teenage pop culture instead as I'd say it's quite creepy for old men to take such a obsessive interest in young children.

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I got a free phone. Free calling...don't go nuts, and no problem. But you know the deal. It's loaded with Apps. Data options, etc. as if someone who qualifies for a free phone could pay for this stuff. So. I don't do data.the phone is a phone, snd that's it. No selfies.My pocket Canon 310 Elph is my camera, and Macs at home. Now theirs ads for Apps that will open shower curtains. ? ? If your phone is only used as a phone, you won't look like everyone else, and when you walk your dog, when he looks up at you, you'll be there.

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Ah...its just a game bro.

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One should actually be questioning his intimate and bizarre detailed knowledge of teenage pop culture instead

Or ponder the bigger picture? Google searches and Facebook suggestions create a cocoon that seduces our cognitive dissonance keeping us in a malleable infinity loop of our own preferences and interests.

Tin foil hat? Dentsu's newest business unit exploits precisely this big data.

Madison Avenue and Soho Square have already been yanking our choke chains for decades, and we gleefully salivate at their creations. Now the messages are off the billboards and coming into our heads, as our best friend.

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At least he and Saudi Mufti have something in common, fear of something that they don't have any idea about.

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Ah...its just a game bro.


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This is all about PR for his new film. In Hollywood all publicity is good publicity. That's why Stone was at ComicCon in the first place, and it looks like his remarks are having the desired effect. Mission accomplished for Stone and his production team.

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Pokemon Go is "just a game" but it is so fun that it is suddenly poplar to report all of one's movements to a service that can be data mined. I'm not aware of any particular reason to distrust Nintendo especially but now that this game is such a hit,mothers will be more and more companies offering similar games and it will be easer for an unscrupulous company to make a hit game with the intention of selling the info to marketers or share with a government, etc.

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Who cares what this money bags Super Lib says....he made all his money from you going to his BENT movies.

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He wishes they'd stop spending R&D costs on games and spend it on a time machine, so he can go back a couple of decades to when he actually made a half decent film. And this is coming from someone that thinks his 80's era stuff is golden.

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The only "game" I play is kittycorner - crossing corners (with no scramble) on the side the light is green. Some might warn I am an automaton, slave to technology, and it's true I wait for the light to turn blue (as it is called in Japanese - ao). It's actually cyan (blue-green), though that may be more science than one wants to know.

Getting serious for a sec, I have never been interested in games (nor social networking events, the adult equivalent). My mid-twenties son is. Fortunately he quickly moved past carjack / murder type role playing fantasy, but he has no qualms living vicariously in a fictive world, in addition to being very functional in "reality." He was out last night with friends having a ball tracking down monsters in Kichijoji.

He tells me there's already a pirate version of the Pokemon virtual game overseas, and that one collects your connections. He believes the official version, downloaded from the Pockemon Website, is clean.

This does not negate the reality of massive data mining. I have acquaintances who never post their real names; some refuse to connect with the Web. There is truth in warnings of massive invasion of privacy, but if one retreats to the shadows of oblivion, self-censorship is the result.

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Oliver Stone is left wing self serving Communist. Who cares what he said?

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Went for a walk after dinner. Passed by a couple w/ smartphones, stopping and searching. As I passed them, I glanced at their screens, Pokemon GO maps... Earlier in the day, saw a young woman outside a Mcdonald's doing a Pokemon GO capture.

All this makes one think. Alphabet/Google collects tonnes of information on its users. They have deals with establishments to draw in new revenue streams.

Connect the dots...

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