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Original 'Star Wars' creators lift lid on special effects challenges

By Robyn Beck

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Back in the days when scripts were still good and you felt like you were watching physical people and objects interact rather than the feeling now that we are just watching high budget computer games.

Star Wars broke a lot of molds, and though Disney and Lucasfilm are breaking the franchise into something non-Star Wars, we can still look to and enjoy the Trilogy.

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Back in the days not all scripts were good. Same as today. And CGI, when done well and used judiciously, can enhance the film. Practical effects and working inside the camera is still used but just not as often because there are better and easier (and often cheaper) ways to achieve these now. Also, by denying Eps. 1-3 you conveniently ignore that George Lucas made a mess of the series. And he continued to do so with the reworking of 4-6 in further releases of those films.

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I'm pleased that the CGI that marred the prequels has been somewhat reduced for the recent releases. Of course, it helps that the scripts and direction are a marked improvement. And that the CGI that is used is less cartoony.

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