Osaka granny group releases English rap video to welcome G20 summit


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Love it. I hope they go on tour.

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As much as I wanted to like Osaka, I found the people to be pretty rude. At least in Tokyo, people aren't rude, they're just sort of numb to being surrounded by so many people. People in Osaka felt much more provincial overall. I guess they wear their emotions on their sleeves.

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I like Osaka, it's cool.

They are up themselves however if they think they are the funniest city in the world. Yoshimoto is not the height of comedy. I present getting a fat woman to strip down to a bikini on America's Got Talent as Evidence #1. The entertainment industry in Japan is run as a closed shop by proto-yakuza. No criticism is allowed from inside and its all about laughing at each other's jokes.

Imagine any city anywhere else claiming to be the funniest in the world. They would get pelters.

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I have to admit I am pleasantly surprised. I love it. I feel a sincere warmth and welcome. And from my and my wife's experience when we visited Osaka, the people there are much, much friendlier than Tokyoites--generally speaking of course. My wife, who's Japanese, loved the kansai accent, I loved the food. Osaka castle was disappointing because, I thought, they refurbished it too much that it lost it's ancient charm. And yeah--Kansai heat in August is a definite contender. Respect to the Obaachan, and big up the great city of Osaka.

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I never really found Osakans to be that much friendlier than Tokyoites after going back and forth between the two places for the last 30 years. I think it's a popular stereotype that just doesn't hold true (or at least not anymore).

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As much as I wanted to like Osaka, I found the people to be pretty rude.

I found them pretty much like Tokyo people - quite distant. Not complaining here. I like distant.

I haven’t seen much difference in the characters of the people across Japan. Maybe people dress better in Tokyo. All seem to get less distant and ‘friendly’ after a skinful.

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I think it's a popular stereotype that just doesn't hold true (or at least not anymore).

It's funny because if you go back just to the '80s, the stereotype of Osakans was that they had a chip on their shoulder and claimed that Kansai was the true capital of Japan, not that upstart region Kanto. Oh, and that Osakans only cared about making money.

Apparently now they're all friendly. Sounds like a really good PR job by the city of Osaka.

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Osakaites are stuck in teenager mode and Tokyoites go straight to stubborn oldies mode after starting work. Some moderation please. Oh Okinawa is pretty cool.

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Oh! So funny!

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Similar fashion to Pikotaro. I like the unselfconsciousness of sportswear suited, sports newspaper holding biddies that I have seen on Osaka subways--primo people watching public transport.

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I was always told Osakans are "hara guroi" meaning they laugh and are friendly until there's personal gain or a feeling not to be.

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Love it love it love it. I can see it becoming a global hit and it deserves to be. I'm all for obaaaaaasan power!

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