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Oscar gold fails to translate to cash this time


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Lets face it. The only films which ever win at the Oscars are the boring 'sophisticated' movies which are boring as hell to watch and only aimed at middle aged people who are either rice or poor people who wished they had that type of lifestyle..

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The only films which ever win at the Oscars are the boring 'sophisticated' movies

Really? How about:

No Country for Old Men Gladiator Slum Dog Millionaires Unforgiven Lord of the Rings Silence of the Lambs

I will agree there have been some embarrassing choices:

Forest Gump Schindler's List Chicago Dances with Wolves (Avatar minus the smurfs) Titantic

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These are the films that were released in 2011 that are in IMDB's top 250 list:

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo 8.1/10

The Artist 8.4/10

Warrior 8.3/10

A Separation (Iran) 8.6/10

H.P. Deathly Hallows II 8.1/10

Drive 8.0/10

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Bebert61 did you not bother to read the article? Or did you just read my comment? I'll break the article down for you though... It's a common complaint among movie fans that the awards honor films no one has seen. I'm not the only one who thinks that then. Only 4 of the highest top grossing films over the past 30 years have won the best motion picture. None of the top grossing films of 2011 (Harry Potter, Twilight, Transformers or The Hangover pt.2) were deemed best motion picture worthy material. Besides the odd exception such as Titanic or Lord of the Rings. The winners at these shows generally are ones which have brought in very little money and what people have hardly heard of till after the Oscars.

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Berbert61 - Schindler`s List , embarrassing choice?

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KariHaruka: If you think only 'sophisticated' movies win Oscars you are sadly mistaken. Sophisticated movies are usually never in the running, and the usual Hollywood drivel tends to come out. There are exceptions, of course, like No Country for Old Men, which was stellar.

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well honestly i think the most popular films are usually really not the best. Hangover seriously?

“I think there is a disconnect, but then I think there’s supposed to be a disconnect. It’s not about what are the most popular films. It’s the films deemed by the voting body to be the best pictures of the year,” said Hollywood.com analyst Paul Dergarabedian. “Often times, what the academy thinks is a great movie isn’t a movie a general audience wants to see.”

exactly, what happened to the art of film making?

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Face it, the Oscars is a self-serving piece of junk foisted upon the public every year. Who cares? I don't.

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I personally don't like over the top action block busters... give me an art house flick any day. I wanna think. Their is of course exceptions to this rule ei: lord of the rings, starwars etc.

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Well well well judging by the winners was I wrong or right? I mean a silent movie and The Iron Lady? Really?! The other winners were also movies which I've never heard of before which somehow managed to beat the top grossing films of the year. Once again the oscars have proved just how crap they are.

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