Oscar winner, ‘Sound of Music’ star Christopher Plummer dies at 91


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I just read this morning. Thank you for the memories. You are a legend.

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A remarkable actor with an incredible range. RIP.

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A great screen presence and a true gentleman who died a nonagenarian yet still at the top of his game. Respect and RIP.

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I'll never forget how this movie "La Caza Real del Sol -- The Royal Hunt of the Sun" opened my 10 year old eyes. I'll always remember Christopher Plummer as being a part of that. I imagine this flick is probably at the bottom of the memory hole.


And also "Gandahar (1987)", voice only, but what a movie!

Thank you Christopher Plummer.

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Christopher Plummer was certainly a great actor and one of the last old-school stage and screen presences. Unfortunately not every film great actors choose to get involved in is a great one, and even more unfortunately for me the role of his that's uppermost in my memory banks is 1978's Starcrash, about which Mr. Plummer himself said that the only two good things were going to Rome to make it, plus the charms of his co-star Caroline Munro. There's an interview with Christopher Plummer in the link below, in which he talks about many of his movies, including Starcrash. There's a brief clip from the movie, too, which gives the flavour of it. If you haven't seen it, you should - but only if you're a fan of bad, bad movies.

Fortunately, it's not Starcrash that Christopher Plummer will be remembered for, except by me and a few others who remain haunted by it. Thank you for that, Mr. Plummer, and for all the other movies you made. Except The Sound of Music.


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Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of War!

Everyone raise a glass of Romulan Ale to Plummer, who played a great, underrated villain in Star Trek VI.

You always knew you were in for a quality viewing experience when Plummer's name was in the credits.

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So long farewell to you and you and you...Sad.

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1978 StarWars sequel: ‘StarCrash”

I wish I could unread this, undo my Google search, and take back what I saw. That was utter bumpkins.

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Christopher Plummer, a life-long Trekkie, was a great Shakespearean actor with great screen presence. His fellow Canadian, also a great Shakespearean actor, William Shatner, was his understudy. Years after Henry V, they were reunited for StarTrek; The Undiscovered Country.

Yes!  @Arrrgh-Type  11:30a JST  - We can all recall Plummer spinning around in the Klingon command chair: “Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of War!”- as Chang, an underrated villain.

Yes. *@BigYenToday  9:08a JST. - For choosing some bad roles, he stood by his convictions; no forgiveness is needed. Sometimes, great actors choose ‘**one performance for the art’ and one ‘for the paycheck*’ (Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, etc). Also, Germany’s ‘National Treasure’, the great David Hasselhoff was able to hone his own acting skills while working with Sir Christopher Plummer in the 1978 StarWars ripoff/cash-grab’: ‘*StarCrash***”. (Plus, after you hear Sir Plummer’s final speech, you will understand where Mr. Shatner learned his phrasing for dialogue.)

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Remember 2015, Christopher Plummer practicing his art.

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Him and James Mason as Holmes and Watson in Murder by Decree. Real class act.

RIP, sir.

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Legend! Rest In Peace Mr Plummer.

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