Oscar-winning actor Ernest Borgnine dead at 95


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I liked him in the role he played in "The Poseidon Adventure"; as a cop, married to an ex-hooker.

So many completely different roles, over a long, successful career!

RIP, Mr. Borgnine!

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I loved McHale's Navy and also enjoyed the Poseidon Adventure. He was one of those B actors that was cast in so many movies you couldn't count them all.

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RIP sweaty Ernest. Always fascinating to watch.

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" McHale's Navy"!!!, My absolute favorite...RIP God love you,and so do I...

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McHale’s Navy was a great show. I spent many afternoons in my childhood watching the reruns. RIP

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A great actor in so many great roles over the years. We can only be thankful that many of his great performances will live on in the theaters, on TV, and on DVD. Thank you Mr. Borgnine.

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He lived a full life. A great man and influential actor. Rest in peace.

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When asked in an interview what the key to his longevity was (when he was 91), not realizing his mic would pick it up he said, "I masturbate a lot". You gotta love a guy who is 91 and still such a character! You will be missed, Mr. Borgnine. RIP to one of the truly greats.

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Borgnine created characters that audiences ernestly wished they knew in their real lives. He always reassured everyone that any troubles could be handled and everything would be ok. A star personality in life and acting.

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Creepy in The Devil's Rain with Shatner.

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My father had the good fortune to spend about an hour in conversation with Mr. Borgnine on a cruise a few years ago. He said it was like talking with a neighbor, who happened to have a wealth of Hollywood stories to tell. ("Good ol' days" stories, not Hollywood dirt.) What a wonderful man.

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