Oscar-winning film score composer Ennio Morricone dies at 91

By Ljubomir MILASIN

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if it wasn’t for him, The Dollars Trilogy wouldn’t be what it is... thank you and RIP.

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I can't think of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly without thinking of that theme, the perfect soundtrack to one of the very best Westerns ever made by anyone anywhere.

And rcch is right, the Dollars movies wouldn't be what they are either without Morricone's music.

Grazie, Signore.

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Not Bad, not Ugly

Your scores were bloody superb


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You are a GENIOUS & one of the BEST COMPOSERS of this era, Ennio Morricone! Your music has brought so much joy and inspiration to us,GOD BLESS U! Listening to your compositions, Cinema Paradiso, The Mission,Deborrah's Theme in Once Upon A Time In America, is truly a privilege and an experience beyond words! For that ,I am grateful and take my hat off you. Your mission well accomplished,may GOD welcome you in HIS LOVING EMBRACE!

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His music for "The Thing" was great. Best listened to alone on a cold winter's night.

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You are a GENIOUS and one of the BEST COMPOSERS of this era,Ennio Morricone! Your music has brought so much joy and inspiration to us. Listening to your compositions, Cinema Paradiso, The Mission, Deborrah's Theme in Once Upon A Time in America, is a privilege and an experience beyond words! GOD BLESS YOU! May GOD welcome you in HIS LOVING EMBRACE! I take my hat off you!

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His soundtrack themes were pretty revolutionary for the time. He incorporated 'ethnic flavors' to his scores the same way Peter Gabriel uses it in his avant garde rock. And Ennio also used sound effects for his work such as horse tramplings and such, whatever was fit for the film.

Another cultural icon is now gone. We all know 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly'. The Ramones would use that song as an entrance song for their shows. All four times I saw the Ramones it was played on the PA as dry ice covered the stage, and you could see the Ramones walking thru it. The theme would be playing - 'one-two! three-four!' and then a guitar twang, a horn tooting, guitar - then bassist CJ Ramone shouts, '1-2-3-4!' and all hell breaks lose! Everybody SLAM DANCE! It's on their 'Loco Live' CD as a complete track and (in part) on 'Greatest Hits Live'.

Thank you, Ennio Morricone. your legacy is FOREVER.


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"Once Upon a Time in America", Sergio Leone's swansong film and paean to the "promised land" of immigrants' dreams was immortalized by his old school friend Morricone's masterful score which expressed the bitter-sweet disillusion and the sorrow over the ultimate betrayal of the "American Dream" experienced by so many. Through the emotional power of this music we can empathize with de Niro's tearful realization of a misdirected and wasted life. Philistine Hollywood never fully appreciated Morricone's genius, but in my book he was the greatest film composer and his reputation as "numero uno" is assured for all time. "il Maestro", RIP.

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Goodbye to a great composer who’s music will live on as long as music is heard and played.

What's amazing about Morricone is that he could write the score to a movie without seeing it and the music was a natural fit. Just an superb composer.

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Gabriel's Oboe (Morricone) Symphony


Gabriel's Oboe (Morricone-YoYo Ma) -digs deep into the brilliance of the part)


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the light of another true genius fades... pax...

...but part of his exquisite soul remains with us, his music.

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I've just watched Once Upon a Time in the West again. What a masterpiece. I'm going to have to watch the others as well.

Morricone RIP.

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