Oscar-winning Japanese director eager for more collaboration with China


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Departures is a wonderful film. I definitely want to check out Silence of Smoke when it becomes available. Yunnan is an amazing place to visit.

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The Chinese title is 我爸没说的那件事 which can be translated as That Thing my Father Didn't Talk About. Here's a link to the trailer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arEoxxcZaiE

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Referring to the attractiveness of the Chinese film market, whose rapid growth has put it on a par with the American market, Takita said he hopes many Japanese filmmakers, especially younger ones, will come to China and find new opportunities.

Unfortunately these opportunities depends on the CCP not needing some scapegoat to distract the population from a completely unrelated problem. Japan has been the perfect excuse to distract the people with a foreign enemy and there is nothing indicating this will change in the near future. Maybe it would be better to see the experience of other Japanese industries trying to enter the Chinese market, there is always the possibility of a young Japanese filmmaker ending up incarcerated for espionage.

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