Oscars chief says Hollywood abuses being 'jack-hammered into oblivion'

By Jill Serjeant

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So actresses will now be chosen on merit instead of willingness to put out?

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What bothers me most is that nobody said nothing at the time. Many made their fame and fortune working with these people and now that they have nothing to lose are speaking out about it. They basically let it happen to further their own careers. Not saying all but certainly a fair number evidently fall into this category. They had a choice at the time but chose to ignore it for the sake of said fame and fortune.

So you have to ask...who used who?

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So you have to ask...who used who?

Those who created an environment where the only way to maintain your career was to have sex with them of course.

Why is this even up for question? What kind of morals do you people have?

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This environment as you put it is everywhere mate. Anywhere someone has position on you, have the power. And it's not always about sex either. There are many ways people can be exploited. But we all have choices...either report the offender or jog on.

I certainly would choose the former. And I would have no problem reporting them too.

My morals are beyond question.

But you can't tell me that people haven't used sex as a way of getting on the ladder...so to speak. That's just being naïve.

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This environment as you put it is everywhere mate.

No it's not. It's certainly not in my company. I don't require sexual relations to get ahead in my company. And even if I was doing it 'because every company is doing it', I would be just as complicit as if I was the only company doing it.

The fault lies with those who require sex for advancement, not with those who sleep with those who require sex for advancement.

With Weinstein, it was either sleep with him or have no career. You can't blame those that slept with him because they wanted a career. They may have advanced through that sex, but the alternative was not non-advancement, it was an entire loss of ability to work in the industry whatsoever. In this case it was have sex or you don't even get to play the game, not have sex or do not pass go.

I certainly would choose the former. And I would have no problem reporting them too.

And you'd also have no career. If you don't care about that career, it's not an issue. When it's the only thing you've ever wanted to do however...

you can't tell me that people haven't used sex as a way of getting on the ladder...

I haven't told you that.

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The victims should never be blamed!

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I think he is delusional.  In all of these industries (movies, magazines, modeling, gambling etc) where glamour and looks and sexual innuendo sell, ithe whole environment promotes discrimination and exploitation and fascination with power (sexual or otherwise) relationships.

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@maybeperhapsyes: victims are only speaking out now because the atmosphere is different from 50, 30, 10 years ago. Who would have dared question powerful men and believe young women's accusations back then?

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I don't think it is different. That's just an excuse they use. Inappropriate behaviour should never be tolerated and always reported at the time to someone. It needs to go on record then. Not 10, 30, 50 years later.


Not looking to argue mate. But, there are more than one producer in Hollywood. They aren't all beasts like old Harv.

Everyone should have a plan B and everyone has choices.

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