Oscars get record 20 animated submissions


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Mary and Max is brilliant.If you live in Tokyo you can check it out at the film festival (is that still on?).I enjoyed Up and Ice Age too and Coraline was also very well done.Ponyo was disappointing and everyone is panning Astro Boy.Of those films I think Mary and Max is the only one that is really aimed at older audiences,however.Philip Hoffman Seymour was an inspired choice as Horowitz.

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Have a look at TinkerBell and despair. The genre has been Disneyfied. My prediction is this: as Animation goes mainstream, it will become animation. The stories will be increasingly dull. Eye candy will proliferate. Low production costs will attract idiotic screenplays. The signal to noise ratio of quality will fall drastically and people will rush to the exits. Lasseter is dead. Walt Disney is dead. Brad Bird is gone. Disney bought Marvel. Disney bought Miyazaki. And now, Disney is set to pump the dreck and still guarantee itself an Oscar every year.

Allow me to point out two extreme cases of PAP. Ice Age puts woolly mammoths alongside dinosaurs and presents that to children. A Christmas Carol. How is another remake going to edify Dickens? Dolphins, fairies, chipmunks, and not an original story among them worth telling.

When sad recycled pablum like Tinker Bell, Ice Age, and Alvin and the Chipmunks are nominated for Oscars, can the decline of civilization be far behind? Ask Disney. They have it all mapped out.

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Ridiculous category.

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yeah there definitely is a 'social message' going out in animation now.All animals are good,aliens are our friends,humans are bad etc etc..I agree. Although..some bits might actually be right.LOL

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Real entertaining...if you happen to be 11 years old.

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Best cartoon?

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