Oscars go green with plant-based menus, no plastic bottles


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70% plant-based and 30% vegetarian, fish and meat


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Our planet has already entered irreversible self destruction mode. The global climatic pattern is already undergoing a drastic transition. Is someone watching the weather news? US is still a nation with high carbon footprint, governance still in denial mode. And here we are talking about plant based food for few elite's. Vegetarianism, plant based, vegan diet is more of a fashion today. In about next 10 to 20 years, fasting will be in fashion. How sad can this get to be?!

Human stupidity can never be measured - Albert Einstein.

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Virtue signaling nonsense.  The Oscars will eventually disappear up its own fundament.

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... so the nearby steak restaurants will be packed before the Oscars...

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Meaningless, symbolism-over-substance virtue-signaling.

They'll still have gas-guzzling limos idling outside. And they'll still fly around in private jets and party on huge yachts.

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garfield1275 Today  11:50 am JST

Our planet has already entered irreversible self destruction mode.

Please. Spare us the doom-and-gloom alarmism.

We were all supposed to be dead 30 years ago, to hear the enviro-radicals tell it.

We have environmental problems, true, but they tend to be localized -- not global. The worst environment disaster in human history was, arguably at least, the Chernobyl meltdown. Yet we're all still here, and the effects of that disaster were for the most part locally contained.

I'm all for having clean air and water and so on, but let's stop with the hyperventilating radical-environmentalist rhetoric.

This movement has been so colossally wrong with so many of its predictions that it lost all credibility a long time ago. If it ever even had it.

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i,m sorry man ( Joaquin Phoenix ), i,m sure you,re really happy with this, you have good intentions and i hope you win the Oscar and everything else, but this one is kinda ridiculous ...

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The worst environment disaster in human history was, arguably at least, the Chernobyl meltdown.

Argue if you like. Chernobyl, for all it was a huge and totally avoidable man-made disaster, was relatively localised. Global warming is - well, global. With global ramifications.

Yet we're all still here

Tell that to the hundreds who died in the flooding and heat waves in Japan and India last year, or the dozens killed in the Australian bush fires (not to mention the billion or so wild animals killed) or the close to 1,000 people in Africa killed by tropical cyclone Idai, the deadliest storm ever in the southern hemisphere.

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It's healthier, and nobody likes more plastic

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