Oscars museum to tackle 'problematic history' of racism, sexism


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Who really cares anymore about ‘awards’ anymore? There are really no big ‘blockbusters’ and definitely, no one person to ‘idolize’

Three days in a row: Golden Globes, BAFTA, Academy Awards ; ( - Please, drop the politics and publish more stories about actual “Entertainment’ news and upcoming events.

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Hollywood is creatively and morally bankrupt and has been for years now. The only good movies these days are indies and international ones, and even then, everyone's so afraid of offending someone that they hold their punches too.

At this rate cinema will die.

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Diversity can't be 'created'. There are good actors, writers, directors of every color, race, gender. Give it time. There will be in the future. But right now we need originality. Good talents of every category of people is being wasted on unoriginal putrid disgusting boring trash year after year.

Hollyweird - get your butts in gear, and the rest will follow!

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Give it time. 

Cinema has existed for over a century. How much more time do we need?

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I like to be in this project.

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I think the last actually good film to have been selected as Best Picture was "The King's Speech" (2010), but since then just junk.

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The old movies, like everything Hitchcock did, Citizen Kane, John Ford's Westerns, etc, etc., were soooo much more vital, alive and timeless than what woke-PC Hollywood is churning out now, that this latest effort seems like an act of desperation by a hobbled industry whose creative juices have been sucked dry.

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GWTW is one of my favorite movies, and I am glad its inherent racism is not being ignored. It's long past time Hollywood reckoned with its racism and sexism.

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girl_in_tokyoToday  06:46 am JST

GWTW is one of my favorite movies, and I am glad its inherent racism is not being ignored. It's long past time Hollywood reckoned with its racism and sexism.

GWTW is a historic epic, set in a historic era - good, bad, ugly. Yes slavery is evil and so is racism but isn't war evil too? The film is centered on specific people in specific settings and that's how movies should be made.

Biblical movies show the same situation - capital punishment (esp. the barbaric practice of crucifixion), slavery (not necessarily racist), torture, cruel Roman Empire rule, gladiator contests, etc. When I see a movie about Jesus I'd expect to see all these horrible elements. It's history, it's truth.

Films set in the Middle Ages feature violence, serfdom and sometimes xenophobia too. Look at movies featuring ancient knights and barons and the Crusades; the actual crusades were motivated by fanaticism, greed, politics.

Do these films glorify slavery, hatred, murder, rape, war, greed, personality cults, idolatry, etc.? No. Period flicks reflect the time period, warts and all. And in the case of GWTW it's sadly obvious that some Americans haven't progressed since the Civil War era. Don't blame films like GWTW for some people being stupid.

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starpunk: Exactly - you said it far better than I could. 100% agree.

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It's a great idea to tackle racism in movies as well as other parts of our lives.

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