Oscars show producer resigns over gay slur


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This Man should'nt have to resign-these thin skinned people out there are just Way over the top with their P.C. nonsense and should accept their lot in life,

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Bart, you should retire too.

Be nice. The guy is a racist. Boycott his movies.

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If only he had said : "Rehearsing is for fags. Not that there's anything wrong with that.", this would have been a non-issue. But JapanGal is right, this guy's comments are more often than not disgusting and offensive. Why the Academy even hired him in the first place is beyond me.

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Meh. This guy is a loser and all his movies are terrible anyways. The Oscars are better off without him.

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after making an “unacceptable” anti-gay slur

Which raises an interesting question...

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So what did he say?

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He said: "Rehearsing is for fags." I don't think that Brett Ratner is anti-gay. He did mention that he admired and respected Ian Mckellen for his talent and activism when they made the X-men movie. But, he does seem to have an offensive personality. And his movies are not too good. I hate smoking, but I would rather light up a thousand fags, than watch another one of his movies.

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The prejudice that exist today against gay or other groups is based on beliefs that are nothing more than arbitrary meanings we give to a series of events. What we read in the newspaper, what we were told by our parents, what other people believe, etc. The beliefs are not facts. They are not the truth. Your beliefs are just interpretations that exist in your mind. You just made them up and have nothing to do with reality. Hence beliefs are the primary determinants of what a person does and feel and even what they perceive. All prejudice can be traced to beliefs.

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The guy never should have been chosen in the first place, but him resigning saves the Academy, in a way. Anyway, the guy is indeed offensive, and his remark was as well. Good riddance to this guy.

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He actually said "Rehearsing is for fags?!" That is SO gay! ;-)

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Good. What an idiot for making a comment like that.

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"We all hope this will be an opportunity to raise awareness about the harm that is caused by reckless and insensitive remarks, regardless of the intent," he added, cited in a statement by the Academy.

Yes, Mommy Dearest.

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Now let's see when Japanese entertainers and politicians start being asked to resign when they make racist comments.

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I find all of this offensive and vulgar! The nerve!

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The french call cigarette butts "fags", he could have said that he was speaking french

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