Oscars won't be shown in Hong Kong for first time since 1969


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With 'woke' Hollywood, and their higher/lower art form of narcissism, you aren't missing anything.

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Luckily a lot of Oscar nominees have minimal financial backing from Chinese companies, but I see this changing in the future.

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Great way to guarantee some supporting comments from the media savvy actors and actresses during the event. Bravo again CCP. Some good material floating around this year!

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THIS is the truth Now: “*All media is strictly censored by China.*”

THIS is no longer true: “Semi-autonomous Hong Kong maintains more freedoms under a model subbed "One country, two systems".

It would not fit the doctrine that “the entire West are ‘divided, segregationists and racists” to showcase these awards shows. At least 6 persons of Asian decent are in contention for awards for their technical expertise and the myriad of subjects and stories depicted. These stories might inspire further dissension in the ‘new, ‘revised and harmonious’ Hong Kong”.

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The Hong Kong rioters can now enjoy the fruits of their labors.

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Hong Kongers have lost their freedoms.

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zichiToday  12:34 pm JST

Hong Kongers have lost their freedoms.

Fershure but with the Oscars being the joke they've become, HKers ain't really missing much.

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First good news HK has had in a little while.

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Well, HK won't missing anything from that pathetic decadent Hollywood false world garbage..

Excellent !!..

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Oscars won't be shown in HK.

Shrug of the shoulders.

Ok, Oscars will be shown in HK

How much more punishment can we take

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Inch by inch the new China prevails until it is all China and only China...

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