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Over 10 mil YouTube hits for Psy's 'Gentleman'


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Well, so much for one-hit wonder, I guess.

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Gangnam was nothing special, but someway catchy. This new song is really ugly. O__O

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Are the viewers watching the whole video or just a few seconds of it?


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It's a terrible song. Gangnam Style was catchy and the video was amusing. It was a worthwhile parody, this new song is just decadent.

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It's the same effect you see when there's a pile-up on the freeway: a lot of drive-by gawkers... Nothing to see here folks!

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Poor PSy. Hope he can get his pension out of this

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... meanwhile 'actual' musicians without the support of a nation of sycophantic, nationalistic are writing good music and struggling to get people to pay or listen. This guy is a kind of musical prostitute appealing to the absolute lowest common denominator.

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Can not stand this over weight hack.

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Psy has a long history of hits in Korea. Posters above are perhaps jealous of his success. He and his dancers are lifting the spirits of people around the world. Isn't it a good thing that something nice and enjoyable is coming out of Korea? Yes, it is. He is not a classical dancer in physique, and that is part of his appeal--surprise! Now go do those moves and have a rockin' time.

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At least he's a real person and not a green-haired animated vocaloid.

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its already at 40 million

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@Jaymann I guess people like you don't know the meaning of SATIRE.

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@RangerMiffy, we r not in Korea and these comments are for PSY's performance on international stage.

Ladies and gentlemen....thats the end of PSY....this one is crap, well Gangnam Style is still one of my favorites and is loved on this planet everywhere. But PSY will be forgotten soon on international stage if there are more songs like this one.....

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If I can be forgotten after earning many millions of dollars, I'll gladly be forgotten. Good on PSY, long may he keep doing well with fun harmless music.

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^ What tel porter said!

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@ John masters - I understand satire quite well thank you. I suggest that as 'satire' his 'ideas' are over-played and boorish.

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What's with all the hating and jealousy?

It's a music video.

It made me laugh.

People will either like it, not like it, or be somewhere in between.

What else is there to read into it?

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