Paramount announces plans for 'Terminator' trilogy


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Hasta La Vista, new movie ideas.

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don't re-boot - just flick to a new time stream!

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Ah Hollywood, why create something new when you can steal from the (recent) past.

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Actually, it's already been announced Schwarzenegger will be playing his old role in the reboot.

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So the T800 will be a chunky lumbering gorilla in sunglasses and leather? Cool

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Nothing good can come from this. But the suckers will pay and make money for the studios and they'll be able to pump out more non-ideas like this. Much like never letting the Star Wars saga sleep. Maybe they should "re-boot" the Predator series as well...

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Hmmmm, not so sure what to think about this. It just depends, wasn't too happy about the Spider-Man reboot, but after seeing, kinda liked it a lot, but movies like Total Recall the latest version, sucked. I'm willing to give anything a chance, but in this case, not sure why they want to reboot the series, they could have just made better upcoming films. But having worked in TV, you ALWAYS need to expect the unexpected. Movies like Terminator and Star Wars might be better than we expect. Keep your fingers crossed.

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If Arnie stars as the Terminator, it will be awesome, because he'll be back.

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This reminds me of this movie I saw once called Terminator where this guy came from the future to warn us of bad things that would happen, only, now we're the ones in the bad future going back in time to steal!

This is the kind of project that internet piracy was made for. Who wants to pay top dollar for re-heated leftovers?

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I want the Sarah Chronicles back D:! It ended to soon and at a wrong place.

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I always see T2 as the ultimate terminator film. To this day it is epic. On another note, Robocop is getting a remake... if it's as bad as the Total Recall remake I'm going to cry... But if they do Robocop 2 & 3 it will probably be a lot better than the orignals of those two lol.

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Now computer graphics can make Arnold Schwarzenegger younger again.

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