Paramount to fight 'It's a Wonderful Life' sequel


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I can't believe they would even think about making a sequel to this classic film.

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That's a flop in the making if I've ever heard of one. Some classics you just can't "remake" or "continue" Like Casa Blanca, Citizen Kane, etc...

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It's more of that 're-imagining' crap that's so prevalent now. It's code for 'we can't think of an original character or story line, so we'll ruin something that already exists'.

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A long time ago, Hollywood would make top notch classics, memorable stories that withstood the test of time, when quality and substance was everything. Now it's about $$$$$ and margins and competition. Just thinking about doing a sequal is suicidal, not to mention just plain stupid on every level. If these people want to make a classic, then write an original story, with some serious writing, it's possible. But more and more of Hollywood seems to be devoid of real writing talent these days, that they have to write constant sequels. What's next, "Gone with the wind part 2??"

Enough already!

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Stick to superheroes

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re: sequels....In an office were I worked some years back, a woman was bemoaning the GTTW sequel, and a Jewish co-worker sympathized, mentioning his own disappointment with the follow-on to the Old Testament.

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There are still many great books that could be made into blockbuster movies out there, many in the public domain.

But I think the talent & willingness (taking a risk) to make them is lacking.

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Given where the world is going, any sequel would have to be titled, "It's a Death-By-Capitalism Life". Sorry! Not a wonderful life for too many of 7 billion now and for a long, bitter time to come. Meanwhile, back to the superheros, as per Jimizo.

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George Bailey makes a ton of $ selling toxic mortgages then gets bailed out by the government then retires to tropical island. :) Different note: It's a Wonderful Life only became popular some ten years after it was made. Some things take time to be appreciated.

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What's next, "Gone with the wind part 2??"

You mean Scarlett? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scarlett_%28Ripley_novel%29

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Zuzu's petals!

.Just thinking about doing a sequel is suicidal

Just like George Bailey was...

But It's a Wonderful Life was a flop for many years. It only became a Christmastime standard because it fell out of copyright and TV studios could broadcast it for free. TV companies could sell advertising space and not have to pay for the content around it. The film has been all about making a quick buck since it ever became appreciated. In a way it's fitting that some sheisters are trying ot milk it for a few more dollars.


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