Paul McCartney announces Budokan concert


Former Beatle Paul McCartney, 72, has announced on his official website that he will be returning to the Budokan for a special performance on April 28 as part of his "Out There Japan" tour. The upcoming tour marks almost a half a century since the Beatles performed for the first time at the Budokan in 1966.

Last May, McCartney had to cancel all his concerts in Japan due to an illness. One of the concerts has been scheduled for the Budokan.

McCartney will open his tour at Kyocera Dome in Osaka on April 21, then play at Tokyo Dome on April 23, 25 and 27, followed by the Budokan concert on April 28.

McCartney said on his blog: "It’s very exciting to be returning to the Budokan because it is a very special place and was the first place we played in Japan. There was a lot of controversy at the time but I now know that it is a regular venue for a lot of people. But for me it has a very special place in my memory.”

Tickets for the dome concerts range from 14,000 to 18,000 yen. For the Budokan concert, tickets start at 2,100 yen for C seats (the same price as the 1966 concert and limited to people under 25), then 40,000 yen for B seats, 60,000 yen for A seats and 100,000 for SS seats.

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He should bring in Ringo and put him on a tall riser, just like in that first concert.

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Is he really coming this time? People haven't forgotten the last minutes cancellations due to exhaustion and stomach aches. It's really tiresome year after year.

-7 ( +2 / -9 )

I wonder if it grates on him, at 72 years old, to still be referred to as "Former Beatle Paul McCartney?"

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Thank you for coming again, Paul McCartney.

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If he cancels this concert tour I'll kill him, ha ha

Although I have never been inside the Budokan for a concert, I hear it's WAY better than Tokyo Dome for acoustics.

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Budokan definitely for concerts but they can't that many fans inside, hence the big acts use Tokyo Dome.

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I wonder if it grates on him, at 72 years old, to still be referred to as "Former Beatle Paul McCartney?"

He's never been uncomfortble with the description. He's proud of what they achieved.

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"I wonder if it grates on him, at 72 years old, to still be referred to as 'Former Beatle Paul McCartney?"'

Only once...

"Heather Mills, the estranged wife of Paul McCartney, was granted nearly £25 million ($50 million) in her divorce proceedings with the former Beatle, she said Monday."

...but maybe it had more to do with 25 million pounds than the former Beatle bit.

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-1 ( +1 / -2 )

The question wasn't so much implying that he's ashamed of it. Of course he is proud of the Beatles. It has to do with the description pretty much negating everything he has done in the last 45 years of his career. You rarely hear former Yardbird Eric Clapton, or former Police member Sting. It would imply they haven't done anything since.

I would find it difficult to spend decades producing work, and still be identified by the group I was with when I was still pretty much just a kid. It would be frustrating to think that none of the 40 years of dedicated work I produced was recognized at all, and that my entire livelihood depended on a few good years I had in my younger days. In a sense, I would rather have modest success later in life than massive success right out of the gate, and spend the rest of life trying to top it.

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Some of the tickets were Y100,000, according to an advert in the paper last week.

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Still goin' @72. Amazing artist he is. It is funny cause all of the younger japanese (who know absloutely "NUTHING" about real music) discard their SMAP, Arashi, AKB, H. Utada (etc .etc) cd's once those artist hit a certain age & sales drop.

This is why (west) rock music / classic rock will always beat j-pop.

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I went to one of his concerts in Tokyo in the tour before the one that was cancelled (Nov 2014?)

Blo*dy brilliant - loved it. That guy still has it in spades.

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serrano: "Although I have never been inside the Budokan for a concert, I hear it's WAY better than Tokyo Dome for acoustics."

That goes without saying -- you're comparing a large venue sports dome (primarily) with a hall that consists of primarily musical acts (though, granted, it houses martial arts competitions -- but those are not really for the purpose of large audiences).

Agree that it would be a shame if he cancels again... but one can't really help it at that age if health is the factor in canceling. He seemed genuinely apologetic (doesn't help the fans, really).

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I have tons of respect for him, both for being an amazing musician and intelligently turning that money into billions of dollars in the decades after.

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Paul McCartney, 22, as Peter Payne infused was an amazing musician and may I add a terrific songwriter, I wish most of the 72 year old family members didn't get from a to b in motorized wheelchairs, humming ticket to ride through dentures with a new smile. But having said that 100,000 for SS seats may be a price worth paying just to reminisce.

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