Paul McCartney cancels Sunday, Monday concerts


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Sorry to hear it. Hope he reccovers quickly and fully.

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I just hope, Sir McCartney gets well soon.... and though selfish, I hope to have the chance to go to his concert,

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I just hope, Sir McCartney gets well soon

He's Sir Paul....

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39 songs non-stop

It's impressive. I sing 5 songs at Karaoke and sound like a chainsaw the next day.

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I saw him in Canada during my trip home last summer. He really puts on a show, but I wonder if he pushes himself a bit. He was excellent, no complaints from me, but he is 71, and it must get that much more tiring each time around. Well, I suppose as fans we ought to be grateful for his tireless recording, touring, and his massive contribution to popular culture. Let's just hope he does get well, and his fans here can see him perform.

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At last he begins to see sense. I'm in the Ginger Baker camp meself.

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